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Abd El Wahab - St. Regis

St. Regis Lebanese

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Abd El Wahab - St. Regis

Abd El Wahab takes its name from a street in Beirut, the site of their first restaurant. Now a hugely successful, upmarket chain of restaurants, Abd el Wahab has expanded its operations into the UAE, with restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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The Collection, The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort, Saadiyat Island

St. Regis

Saadiyat Island

Opening Hours

Sun - Thu: 12:30pm to 12:00am
Fri - Sat: 12:30pm tp 12:30am

Phone Number

+971 26772238


Chickpeas & Tahini


Eggplant & Tahini

Fattouch Salad

A refreshing mix of greens, tomato, cucumber, sumac & toasted bread


Lebanese traditional salad made of chopped parsley, tomato, onions, mint & berghol

Rocca & Thyme Salad

Served with olive oil & lemon dressing

Oriental Salad

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radish & onions dressed in olive oil & lemon juice

Raheb Salad

Eggplant mixed with tomatoes and green onions


Steamed artichokes with lemon oil dressing

Stuffed Vine Leaves

A tangy rice mixture wrapped in fresh vine leaves

Green Horn or green bean in oil

Cooked green Beans with a savory tomato sauce, served cold

Chicory Salad

Dandelion leaves cooked in olive oil & fresh onions, served with caramelized onions & lemon slice

Lentil Salad

a mix of cooked lentil, rice & sautéed onions

Batata Harra

Fried Potato cubes mixed with tomato & coriander sauce

Samkeh Harra

Spicy sesame mixture topped with baked fish chunks


Thick sesame paste cooked & topped with pine nuts

Eggplant stuffed with nuts

Eggplant stuffed with a spicy walnut mixture

Mixed Vegetables

A selection of fresh vegetables

Mixed Pickles

A selection of our homemade pickles


Spicy nut ground into a dip


Lamb fillet pastrami slices


Smoked cod roe, served with slices of garlic & olive oil

Kebbeh Nayyeh

Mixture of raw meat & berghol

Kebbeh Ourfaliyyeh

Spicy mix of raw meat & berghol sprinkled with pine nuts


Raw meat paste


Raw meat chunks

Sawda Nayyeh

Pieces of raw lamb’s liver served with a selection of spices


Aged pungent goat cheese served with chopped onions, pepper, parsley & tomatoes

Rustic Lebanese Cheese

White cheese garnished with mixed vegetables


Thick strained yogurt topped with olive oil

Labneh with Garlic

Thick strained yogurt mixed with fresh chopped garlic & topped with olive oil

Lentil Soup

Hommos Beiruty

Hommos with Pine Nuts and Meat

A bowl of Hommos topped with fried pine nuts & meat

Hommos with Pine nuts

A bowl of Hommos topped with fried pine nuts

Foul Medammas

A mix of cooked fresh beans, chickpeas, garlic & lemon juice


Chickpeas, lemon juice & garlic topped with olive oil, pine nuts & cumin

Hommos Fatteh

Chickpeas, smothered with warm yogurt & topped with fried bread & pine nuts

Eggplant Fatteh

Fried eggplant chunks, smothered with warm yogurt & topped with fried bread & pine nuts

Chicken Fatteh

A mix of chicken slices & chickpea paste, smothered with warm yogurt & topped with fried bread & pine nuts

Mouajjanat/4 pcs Kebbeh/4 pcs

Deep fried kebbeh paste ball filled with minced meat, onions & pine nuts


Grilled Arabic bread stuffed with beef ham & cheese slices

Grilled Halloumi

Grilled white cheese, served warm


Sliced Spicy sausages sautéed with lemon juice


Lebanese sausages flamed with lemon juice

Bayd Ghanam

Pan fried with olive oil & chef ‘s special sauce

Chicken Wings

Marinated chicken wings fried with coriander, garlic & lemon juice

Ras Asfour Birds (6)

Pan fried or grilled birds with pomegranate & lemon juice

Frog Legs

Pan fried frog legs sautéed with lemon, garlic and coriander

Chicken Liver

Marinated chicken liver sautéed with pomegranate, garlic & lemon juice

Basterma with quail eggs

Pastrami slices with quail eggs

Batata Kezbra

Fried potatoes mixed with chopped coriander, garlic & lemon juice

French Fries

Pan Fried Eggs

Fried Eggs

Eggs & Potato Mufarrake

Fried eggs with potatoes

Pan Fried Eggs with Sumac

Fried eggs , sprinkled with sumac

Pan Fried Eggs with Sojok sausage

Fried eggs mixed with Sojok slices

Pan Fried Eggs with Kawarma meat

Fried eggs mixed with lamb meat

Meat Skewers

Pieces of lamb fillet, marinated & grilled on skewers

Chich Taouk

Chicken chunks marinated in lemon juice & garlic,served on skewers with Abd El Wahab tasty garlic sauce

Lamb Cutlets

Grilled marinated lamb cutlets

Lamb Cutlets Abd El Wahab

Grilled marinated spicy lamb cutlets

Mixed Grill Skewers

A selection of meat, taouk & kafta grilled on skewers

Mixed Grill Abd El Wahab

A selection of grilled shrimps, lamb cutlets, meat & Taouk

Grilled Jumbo Shrimps

Jumbo shrimps grilled & served with our homemade sauce

Grilled Baby Chicken 1/2

Marinated & grilled half chicken served with our homemade garlic sauce

Kafta Halabiyyeh Skewers

Minced lightly-spiced lamb, grilled on skewers

Eggplant Kabab

Eggplant & minced lamb, grilled on skewers

Msabaha Dehabiyyeh

Lean minced meat mixed with pine nuts, grilled on skewers

Kafta Ourfaliyyeh

Tomatoes, sweet peppers & minced spiced lamb, grilled on skewers

Kafta Kheshkhash

Spicy minced lamb, grilled on skewers

Arayess kafta

Grilled Arabic bread stuffed with minced meat & parsley

Kebbeh Skewers

Minced meat mixed with berghol, grilled on skewers


Pistachio paste stuffed with ashta cream


Semolina paste filled with pistachios, served with natef cream

Atayef ashta

Lebanese pastry filled with ashta cream served with syrup & sprinkled with pistachios

Halawet El Jiben

Cheesy paste slices topped with ashta cream served with syrup


Mixture of Ashta & semolina flour, smothered in our original syrup & sprinkled with pistachios


Caramelized wheat filled with Ashta cream & topped with syrup

Knefeh with cheese

Melted cheese covered with a biscuit crust, smothered with fragrant syrup


Creamy silky smooth pudding topped with pistachios & syrup


Lebanese pudding

Halaweh w Debs Bethini

Sesame pistachio paste

Ashta with Dates & Honey

Ashta cream topped with dates & honey

Ashta with Banana & Honey

Ashta cream topped with banana slices & honey

Layali Abd el Wahab

Ashta with chocolate ice cream and Honey

Coupe Ghazl El Banet

Angel hair with sahlab ice cream, nuts and honey

Strawberry Plate


A cinnamon pudding sprinkled with coconut & mixed nuts

Seasonal Fruits

Selection of fresh fruits of the season

Ice cream

Refreshing ice cream flavors

Local beer

Imported beer

Soft drinks

Fresh orange juice/ Lemonade


Mineral water

Mineral water 1/2

Sparkling water



White coffee

Assorted tea

Whisky regular glass

Whisky regular ½ bottle

Whisky regular bottle

Whisky premium glass

Whisky premium ½ bottle

Whisky premium bottle

Aperitif regular

Aperitif premium


Arak 1 bottle

Arak ½ bottle

Arak ¼ bottle

Arak 50 cl premium

Arak premium ¼ bottle

Arak “house”

Arak Glass

Kefraya Les bretèches du château

Kefraya Château

Musar cuvée réservée rouge

Massaya vin rouge

Domaine Wardy, Château les cèdres

Ksara réserve du couvent

Glass of wine

Kefraya château blanc de blancs

Musar cuvee réservée blanc

Ksara château blanc de blancs

Domaine Wardy, Sauvignon blanc

Glass of wine

Kefraya, La rosée Du Château

Ksara Sunset

Glass of wine


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