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Al Shorfa Lounge

Beach Rotana Lebanese , Middle-Eastern , Modern Middle Eastern

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Taste of Arabia 38 AED

orange juice, peach, cardamom, cinnamon, rosewater

Tropics 34 AED

fresh orange, coconut puree, calamansi, arnarena cherry

Fountain Escape 36 AED

mix berries, maple syrup, cloves, cinnamon, cranberry juice, hibiscus tea

Mojito 38 AED

strawberry, passion fruit, lemon

Milkshakes 28 AED

Soft Drinks 18 AED

Energy Drinks 28 AED

Fresh Juices 30 AED

Al Ain Still Water 15 AED

Al Ain Sparkling Water 25 AED

Moroccan 32 AED

organic gunpowder green tea blended with moroccan nana mint

English Breakfast 26 AED

wakes, revives and goes beautifully with your favourite treat

Moroccan Iced Tea 32 AED

mint, peppermint

Turkish Coffee 35 AED

high quality arabica coffee beans blended and roasted, then finely ground in a traditional method

Latte 28 AED

original, chocolate, macchiato

Spanish Latte 32 AED

espresso and condensed milk with textured milk

Espresso 23 AED

single, double

Iced Coffee 35 AED

vanilla, cinnamon, star anise, rosewater, cardamom