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Seasonal fruit platter (v)

Low fat or full fat fruit yoghurt (v)

Cereals (v)

home-made granola, corn flakes, coco pops

Low fat or full fat milk

Buttermilk pancakes (v)

banana, maple syrup

Home-made bread rolls, arabic bread, white or brown toast, butter and preserves (v)

Plain croissant (v)

Cheese croissant (v)

Za’atar croissant (v)

Selection of danish (v)

Home-made breakfast cake (v)

Paratha with chana masala (v)

Upma with chutney or sambar (v)

Selection of cheese (v)

Cold cuts

served with gherkin

Labneh (v)

served with olive oil and black olive

Halloumi cheese (v)

served with tomato, cucumber, olives or Arabic pickles

Eggs (v)

fried | scrambled | poached

Omelette fillings (v):

cheese, tomato, mushroom, onion, chili, capsicum

Foul medames (v)

cooked fava beans, olive oil, parsley, tomato, cumin, lemon juice

Grilled chicken sausage

Grilled turkey bacon

Baked beans (v)

Grilled tomato (v)

Hash brown (v)


orange | pineapple | apple


coffee | tea | hot chocolate


still | sparkling