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Sopa de Tortilla 3.5 JOD

fresh tomatoes, corn tortilla blanched with guajillo chili served with avocado and white cheese

Sopa de Maíz 3.5 JOD

cream corn soup served with crispy beef bacon, coriander green chili and cheese

Acapulco 9 JOD

grilled shrimps with mixed leaves, cheese, avocado, cherry tomato served with sweet orange sauce

Brisket Taco 8 JOD

mixed lettuce, beef brisket, cherry tomato, beans, sweet corn, green onion, avocado, cilantro, cheddar cheese served with fresh corn taco and coriander sauce

Caesar Salad Estilo Mexicano 6.5 JOD

with mayo chipotle sauce, parmesan cheese, avocado and fried corn tortilla
Add chicken JOD 2.00

Fiesta Mexicana 5.5 JOD

orange, carrots, strawberries, mix lettuce, fruit pearls and pomegranate lemon dressing

Cinco de Mayo Taco 12 JOD

soft tortillas filled with grilled shrimps, beans, cheese, lettuce, chipotle mayo

Taco de Pollo 9 JOD

soft tortillas filled with chicken, cheese, lettuce, jalapeno, guacamole, tomato salsa

Taco de Res 9.5 JOD

taco shell filled with spicy beef, lettuce, cheese, jalapeno, guacamole, tomato salsa

Fajitas de Res 12.5 JOD

marinated beef fillet, onion, pepper

Fajitas de Pollo 12 JOD

marinated chicken, onion, pepper

Fajitas de Camarones 19 JOD

marinated jumbo shrimps, onion, pepper

Fajitas de Verduras 9 JOD

grilled mixed fresh vegetables

Mixed Fajitas 14 JOD

beef, chicken, shrimps with onion and pepper

Nachos a la Cinco 7.5 JOD

corn nachos topped with beef, chicken or vegetables served with refried beans, ranchero and red cheese sauce

Chili con Carne 12 JOD

minced beef cooked in chili sauce, kidney beans, pinto beans topped with melted cheese, served with Mexican rice

Cinco Burger 10 JOD

angus beef burger in a bun topped with fried beans, grilled tomato and onion, mushroom, served with cheese, jalapeno and french fries

Enchiladas 9 JOD

flour tortilla covered with chili sauce topped with melted cheese served with sour cream chicken OR beef

Burritos 8.5 JOD

beef OR chicken stuffed in flour tortilla with fried beans and cheese served with sour cream ranchero sauce and jalapenos

Quesadillas 10 JOD

grilled chicken OR beef stuffed in flour tortilla with melted cheese served with guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa

Pollo con Mole 10 JOD

an exquisite Mexican flavor, grilled chicken breast in mole chili sauce served with white rice

Pollo au Ceteco 10 JOD

blanched peas, red beans, coriander and Mexican rice

Brochetas de Pollo 10.5 JOD

marinated chicken cubes with mixed spices, served with onion, pepper, roasted corn and Mexican rice

Fillet al Tequila 19 JOD

grilled cube beef fillet with sautéed mushrooms and onion flambé tequila served with flour tortilla

Ahumado Beef Brisket 15 JOD

slow cooked beef brisket served with grilled vegetables

Carne Estilo Tampiquena 16 JOD

grilled beef steak thinly sliced served with refried beans, onion, Mexican rice and chipotle cream sauce

Chilitos Rellenos 5 JOD

chili peppers stuffed with cream cheese and nuts

Alitas de Pollo 5 JOD

spicy sticky chicken wings served with blue cheese dip

Patata Rellenos 6 JOD

potato skin stuffed with spicy minced meat and melted cheese served with sour cream

Calamares Fritos 6 JOD

fried calamari rings served with mayo chipotle sauce and cheese dip

Mini Brisket Burittos 7.5 JOD

flour tortilla with beef brisket, refried beans, cheese served with sour cream ranchero sauce and jalapenos

Cinco de Mayo 17 JOD

chicken enchiladas, cheese quesadilla, chicken nachos, chilitos rellenos and patata rellenos

Tex-Mex 17.5 JOD

cheese quesadillas, beef burritos, spicy sticky chicken wings and cajun potato wedges served with Mexican dips

Surf & Turf 21 JOD

sautéed jumbo shrimps, chili con carne, Mexican rice, fried calamari, brocheta de pollo and taco de res served with Mexican dips

Pescado con Ensalada Verde 12 JOD

grilled hammour fillet on bed of mix green leaves served with coriander sauce and sautéed beans

Camarones Acapulco 22.5 JOD

sautéed jumbo shrimps with garlic, mushroom, onion, coriander and lemon juice, served with flour tortilla

Salmón a la Parrilla 16.5 JOD

grilled salmon fillet served with vegetables and creamy lemon sauce

Churros de Chocolate 3.5 JOD

traditional churros served with chocolate sauce and cinnamon sugar

Plátano Asado 5 JOD

roasted banana with cinnamon caramelized nuts served with lemon ice cream

Fresa Cocida 5 JOD

caramelized strawberry with a hint of chili and scoop of vanilla ice cream

Classic Coffee Flan 3.5 JOD

baked cream with coffee flavor