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Copacabana is a Brazilian Steakhouse (Churrascaria) that offers a fun and unique concept in dining where guests can enjoy all-you-can-eat traditional Brazilian cuisine in a rustic and friendly atmosphere. Inspired by Rio Grande do Sul in Southern Brazil, this unique steakhouse offers top quality cuts of beef and chicken which have been slowly roasted until juicy and tender over an authentic Brazilian style BBQ. Before the selections of fine meat arrive to your table, enjoy an elegant display of unlimited salads, soups and appetizers from the salad bar. The restaurant, which has been designed to capture the essence of Brazil for an exciting themed experience, makes for an ideal family dining local as well as a cozy and relaxing environment for groups of friends and couples. The interior is warm and traditional and has been meticulously appointed with Brazilian paintings, artwork and a fire pit to add the authentic Brazilian experience.

Dress Code


Executive Chef

Ahmad Saadeh


Dabouq Complex Next to Cozmo


Opening Hours

Sun - Sat: 1:30pm to 12:00am

Phone Number

+962 791576000

Coca cola,fanta,sprite,diet coke 1.4 JOD

tonic,soda 1.4 JOD

nonalcoholic beer 2.5 JOD

S.M water 0.75 JOD

L.M water 1.25 JOD

Red bull 2.8 JOD

perrier 2.25 JOD

copacabana juices passion fruit 2.75 JOD

fruit juices 2.5 JOD

mix juices 2.5 JOD

grapefruit juice(seasonal) 2.5 JOD

tomato juice 2.5 JOD

orange juice 2.5 JOD

lemon juice 2.5 JOD

freshly squeezed juices 2.5 JOD

at any flavour:banana,strawberry,lemon,kiwi,lime 3 JOD

freshly brewed coffee 2.75 JOD

decaffeinated coffee 2 JOD

cafe latte 2.5 JOD

iced coffee 2 JOD

espresso 1.8 JOD

cappuccino 2.5 JOD

turkish coffee 1.8 JOD

mocha 2 JOD

mochaccino 2.5 JOD

white coffee 2 JOD

french coffee 3 JOD

assorted tea 2 JOD

iced tea with lemon or milk 2 JOD

green tea with lemon or milk 2 JOD

early grey tea 2 JOD

moroccan mint green tea 2 JOD

pure chamomile flowers 2 JOD

darjeeling 2 JOD

jasmine 2 JOD

hot chocolate 2.5 JOD

chocolate milk 2 JOD

dessert buffet bar 5 JOD

per plate

iced lattee 2.5 JOD

iced cappuccino 2.5 JOD

iced tea(lemon,peach,mint) 2.75 JOD

ice cream 1.25 JOD

per scoop

shisha 5 JOD

any flavour of you choice

shisha without nicotine 7 JOD

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an absolute rip off for a disaster of food, drinks and service. should be taken off your site to stop the embarrassment for you.

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