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Jabal Amman Mediterranean

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Spinach Dip 2.5 JOD

Cheese Dip 2.5 JOD

Eggplant Dip 2.5 JOD

Dip Platter 6.5 JOD

All three dips served on Copas board

Fried Jalapeno Peppers 4.75 JOD

Bombas de la Barcelona 6.5 JOD

Tuna Ball Croquettes 6.25 JOD

Tuna balls with pickled cucumber and sweet corn served with spicy salsa

Queso Crujiente (Goat Cheese Fritters) 8.95 JOD

Trio Mushroom Platter 7.25 JOD

Grilled, breaded and sizzling mushroom platter

Chili Olives 3 JOD

with chili shatta

Stuffed Green Olives 3 JOD

with smoked almond

Breaded Green Olives 4.5 JOD

stuffed with goat cheese

Olives Platter 8 JOD

a board of the above three kinds of olives

Cherry Mozzarella 6.25 JOD

with cherry tomato & pesto

Smoked Cheese 4.25 JOD

with coriander

Chili Cheddar Cheese 4.25 JOD

Cheese Combination 12.5 JOD

a board of the above three kinds of cheese

House Green Salad 5.25 JOD

Raisins & dry figs served with cream mustard seeds dressing

Iceberg with Haloumi Cheese 5.25 JOD

Haloumi cheese on fresh green basil and tomatoes served with herbs dressing

Zucchini Carpaccio With Rocca Salad 4.5 JOD

Smoked Salmon Salad 7.5 JOD

Rocca, cherry tomato and caramelized walnuts served with balsamic dressing

Mediterranean Salad 5.25 JOD

Baby leaves, sweet corn, cucumber, tomato, red radish, spring onion, chickpea, avocado, served with lemon ginger dressing

Home Cured Salmon Fillet 5.25 JOD

Served on field greens with creme mixed with diced onion & gherkins

Grilled Haloumi Cheese 3.75 JOD

Rucola & sun dried tomato topped with basil and olive oil

Chicken Confit 3.75 JOD

served on rucola onion & mustard seeds

Rosemary Cream Beef 5.25 JOD

Beef, rosemary, mustard & cream cheese

Shrimp Avocado 5.25 JOD

Avocado, shrimps, lemon, salt & crushed pepper

Grilled Seasonal Vegetable 3.75 JOD

Pinxtos on Board 11.25 JOD

1 Pinxtos of each from the above

Potato's Brava's 3.25 JOD

Served with garlic aioli sauce

Potato Cubes 3.25 JOD

Traditional fried potato in garlic olive oil and coriander

Copas French Fries 3.25 JOD

Lightly coated in Parmesan cheese

Potato Platter 8.5 JOD

All three kinds of potatoes above on board

Beef Tenderloin 8.25 JOD

Tender beef on hot plate with butter and crushed black pepper and sea salt

Tender Chicken 6.75 JOD

Chicken cubes served with herbs butter, mushroom & lemon sauce

Fried Calamari 5.95 JOD

Lightly coated fried calamari rings served with wasabi mayo

Mini Beef Sausage 5.95 JOD

Fresh mini sausage, small diced tomato, onions, hot green chili & garlic

Chili Sauteed Mushrooms 4.25 JOD

Served with olive oil & spring onion, topped with red chili

Saute Chili Shrimp 8.25 JOD

With garlic coriander in olive oil & lemon spice, topped with paprika

Sizziling Veal Liver 6.75 JOD

sizzling veal liver with figs and crispy bread

Paella de Marisco 12.75 JOD

seafood paella: shrimp, calamari, fillet fish, mussels, rice, onion, garlic, red, green & yellow pepper

Paella Noodles 9.95 JOD

shrimp, mussels, clams and calamari with authentic tomato-onion sofrito

Beef Carne Tierna 18.25 JOD

Buttered vegetables & mashed potato with mustard seeds sauce

Pechuga De pollo 8.75 JOD

Grilled chicken breast with grilled vegetable & cherry tomato served with cream sauce

Grilled Salmon Filet 14.25 JOD

Grilled salmon fillet served with radish lemon sauce

Paella Pollo 8.95 JOD

Traditional chicken paella with peas and saffron

Grilled Ribeye Steak 19.75 JOD

Ribeye steak with classic mashed potato served with sautéed vegetables

Churros 4 JOD

served with chocolate sauce

Chocolate Truffle 4 JOD

Plain and raspberry chocolate balls