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Vegetable Platter 5 JOD

A platter of fresh vegetables to accompany your meal

Assorted Pickles 2.25 JOD

A selection of house-pickled vegetables

Hummus 2.5 JOD

Blended freshly boiled chickpeas with tahini and olive oil

Hummus Jabali 2.95 JOD

Blended freshly boiled chickpeas with fava beans, green onions, and pickles

Hummus Kan Zaman 2.95 JOD

A sampler of hummus prepared in four signature ways

Mutabbal 2.5 JOD

Roasted eggplant dip with tahini, lemon, olive oil and pomegranate

Baba Ghanoush 2.5 JOD

Grilled eggplant dip with onion, tomato, mint and pomegranate molasses

Raheb (Monk's Salad) 2.5 JOD

Roasted eggplant with garlic, olive oil and lemon

Tabouleh 3.75 JOD

Finely chopped parsley and mint with bulgur, tomatoes, onion, lemon and olive oil

Fattoush 3.75 JOD

Fresh vegetables, toasted pita and sumac, then dressed in vinegar or pomegranate molasses

Kan Zamaan Salad 9.95 JOD

Iceberg, artichoke, palmetto, fresh mushrooms, asparagus, avocado, corn and cherry tomatoes in creamy lemon vinaigrette

Arabic Salad 2.75 JOD

A mixture of freshly chopped vegetables, dressed in lemon and olive oil

Rocket (Arugula) Salad 2.75 JOD

Rocket leaves with onion and sumac dressed in lemon and olive oil

Yalanji 3.5 JOD

Fresh grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice, tomato, parsley, lemon and olive oil

Hindbeh 3.5 JOD

Sautéed dandelion leaves with onion, garlic, lemon and olive oil

Shanklish 3.95 JOD

Fermented goat cheese coated in dried thyme with onion, tomato and olive oil

Garlic Labneh 2.25 JOD

Strained yogurt with a hint of garlic topped with olive oil

Goat Labneh 4.5 JOD

Local goat curd topped with olive oil

Kan Zamaan Labneh 2.95 JOD

Strained yogurt with wild thyme, mint, olives and olive oil

Aleppo Olive Salad 2.75 JOD

A tangy salad of pitted green olives

Muhammara 3.15 JOD

Red pepper dip blended with walnuts, bread crumbs, pomegranate molasses and olive oil

Tajen Samak 4.5 JOD

Fresh fish with a delicious blend of tahini, onion, pine nuts and olive oil

Pastrami 4.9 JOD

Sliced cured fillet of beef coated with special spices

Bottarga 14 JOD

*thinly sliced cured grey mullet roe dressed with raw garlic and olive oil

Noukha'at 5.25 JOD

Lamb brain stewed and marinated in olive oil, garlic and lemon

Lsanat 4.5 JOD

Lamb tongue gently cooked to a tender finish with lemon and olive oil

Sanasel 5.25 JOD

Poached lamb spinal marrow salad

Green Beans with Olive Oil 2.25 JOD

Sautéed green beans with onion, tomatoes, garlic & olive oil

Fried Eggplant 3 JOD

Fried eggplant filled with roasted red pepper Labneh

Eggplant Musaqqa’a 2.5 JOD

A velvety eggplant stew with chickpeas, tomato, onion and garlic

Habra Nayyeh 7.5 JOD

Freshly minced raw lamb

Kibbeh Nayyeh 7.5 JOD

Freshly minced raw lamb with onion , bulgur , and spices

Kibbeh Nayyeh orfali 7.75 JOD

Freshly minced raw lamb with bulgur, onion, parsley, pistachio and chili paste

Balila 2.25 JOD

Freshly boiled chickpeas topped with garlic, lemon, cumin and olive oil

Foul 2.25 JOD

Simmered lava beans and chickpeas with garlic, lemon and olive oil

Hummus Bil Lahme 4.75 JOD

Freshly boiled and blended chickpeas with tahini, minced lamb, pine nuts and olive oil

Falafel 2.25 JOD

Traditional deep fried fritters, made with lava beans and chickpeas

Gallayet Bandora Bil Lahme 4.95 JOD

Tomatoes sautéed and stewed with garlic, lamb meat, pine nuts and olive oil

Spicy Potatoes 2.75 JOD

Pan fried potato cubes with chili, coriander and garlic

French Fries 2.5 JOD

French fries, made to perfection

Fattet Magadem 6.5 JOD

Lamb trotters tossed with spiced yogurt, tahini, toasted bread and pine nuts

Sujuk 4.75 JOD

Armenian style spicy sausages sautéed with lemon and olive oil

Nakanek 4.75 JOD

Meat sausages, sautéed with oriental spices, lemon and olive oil

Chicken Wings 3.95 JOD

Chicken wings served Provencal or char-grilled (6 pcs)

Chicken Liver 4.25 JOD

Sauteed tender chicken liver drizzled with pomegranate molasses

Halloumi Cheese 4.75 JOD

Savory halloumi cheese grilled or pan fried to perfection

Provencale Mushroom 4.25 JOD

Fresh mushrooms sauteed with garlic, coriander, lemon and olive oil

Provencale Shrimp 11 JOD

Shrimps sautéed in garlic, coriander, lemon and olive oil

Calamari 9 JOD

Pan fried lightly battered squid

Asafeer 14.5 JOD

Char-grilled fig birds, plain or sautéed with garlic, lemon and olive oil (6 pa)

Hummus with Awerma 4.75 JOD

Freshly boiled blended chickpeas with tahini topped with lamb confit

Fried Cauliflower 3 JOD

Crispy cauliflower fritters

Halloumi Arayes with Fresh Thyme 5 JOD

Lamb Confit with Eggs 4.75 JOD

Clay baked eggs with lamb confit

Cheese Rolls Fried or Grilled (4 pcs) 4 JOD

White cheese wrapped in thin dough and fried to perfection

Fried Kibbeh (4 pcs) 4.25 JOD

Pounded meat and bulgur shells stuffed with a filling of minced meat, onion and pine nuts

Kibbeh Sajiyeh 5 JOD

Aleppo style baked kibbeh made of two layers with special spices and pistachios

Lentil Soup 2.95 JOD

Cracked lentil soup with toasted bread

Cream of Mushroom Soup 2.95 JOD

Clay Baked Fish with Tahini

JOD 11.00
JOD 19.00

Sultan’s Delight

A classical Ottoman style braised lamb ragout on a bed of silky creamed roasted eggplant puree
JOD 11.00
JOD 19.00

Shrimp Fatteh 10 JOD

Sautéed shrimps with garlic, lemon & olive oil, tossed with yogurt, eggplant, toasted bread & pine nuts

Jumbo Shrimps

Fresh Jumbo Shrimps char-grilled to perfection

Whole Sea Bream

Oven-baked in salt crust or char-grilled to perfection

Oven-baked in salt crust or char-grilled to perfection

Fresh sea bass char-grilled to perfection

Sultan Ibrahim

Deep fried red mullet fried to perfection

Whole Sea Bass

Fresh sea bass char-grilled to perfection

Beef Fillet 11.95 JOD

Served with pepper or mushroom sauce and French fries

Chicken Escalope 10 JOD

Chicken escalope with vegetable and French fries

Arayes 5 JOD

Minced lamb, onion, parsley and spices spread over grilled buttered pita bread

Shish Taouk 7.5 JOD

Char-grilled, marinated boneless chicken cubes on skewers

Farrouj Mashwi 10.95 JOD

Whole marinated char-grilled succulent boneless chicken

Lahem Mashwi 9 JOD

Tender marinated lamb cubes on skewers with grilled onion and tomato

Lamb Cutlets 10.95 JOD

Char-grilled marinated delicate lamb cutlets

Kebab Halabi 7.5 JOD

Char-grilled minced lamb with onion, parsley and special spices

Kebab Khash•Khash 8.5 JOD

Char-grilled, delicately spiced minced lamb with garlic, tomato and pine nuts

Eggplant Kebab 8.5 JOD

A delicious blend of char-grilled minced lamb with garlic and roasted eggplant

Adana Kebab 8.5 JOD

A rich dish made with char-grilled minced lamb with garlic, onion, red chili pepper and special spices

Iraqi Kebab 8.5 JOD

Char-grilled seasoned succulent minced lamb with onion, garlic and sumac

Mixed Grill 10.75 JOD

A sumptuous assortment of char-grilled meats with grilled vegetables "meat, shish taouk and kebab Halabi"

Halawet el Jiben 4.95 JOD

Clotted fresh cream, wrapped in sweet cheese and semolina dough

Muhallabieh 3.5 JOD

Velvety milk pudding with a hint of rosewater, decorated with pistachios

Knafet Zamaan

(prepared tablesidel Warm katayfi dough with cheese drizzled with pistachio and syrup)
knafeh for 2 persons for JOD 7.00
knafeh for 4 persons for JOD 14.00
knafeh for 6 persons for JOD 21.00

Ghazal Amman 5 JOD

Specialty ice-cream surrounded by layers of toasted sweet flour and sprinkled with pistachios

Ruz Bi Haleeb 3.25 JOD

Traditional Arabic style rice and milk pudding with fresh fruit

Aish el Saraya 4 JOD

Delectable bread pudding soaked in caramel syrup, topped with fresh clotted cream and roasted pistachios

Katayef with Eshta & Pistachio 4.95 JOD

Lacy pancakes stuffed with fresh clotted cream and pistachio, fried to perfection & dipped in rosewater syrup (2 pcs)

Argeleh 7 JOD

Still Mineral Water — Large 2.25 JOD

Perrier — Small 2.75 JOD

San Pellegrino — Small 2.75 JOD

San Pellegrino — Large 5 JOD

Chilled Juices 2.25 JOD

Fresh Juices 3.75 JOD

Soft Drinks and Sodas 2.25 JOD

Red Bull 3.75 JOD

Herbal Teas and Infusions 2.25 JOD

American Coffee, Turkish Coffee 2.25 JOD

Café Latte, Macchiato 2.75 JOD

Cappuccino 2.75 JOD

Espresso 2.25 JOD

Double Espresso 4 JOD

Hot Chocolate 2.75 JOD