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Kebab Express

Kebab Express, an Arabic fast food outlet with a vibrant feel and delicious healthy food is a true manifestation that fast food can be healthy. The menu offers over forty items varying from cold and hot starters, cold and hot sandwiches, hot grills and dessert. The menu’s diversity has been carefully selected from Fakhreldin’s popular items and guarantees the same high standards and quality to suit all tastes. Kebab Express is located in Sweifieyh, City Mall’s food court and TAJ lifestyle center in Abdoun.

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Abdulraheem Al-Haj Moh'd Street


Opening Hours

Sun - Sat: 12:00pm to 10:00pm

Phone Number

+962 65857227

Eggplant Mutabbal 1.75 JOD

Hommous 1.5 JOD

Vine Leaves 1.5 JOD

Tabbouleh 1.5 JOD

Fattoush 1.5 JOD

Grilled or Fried Halloumi 1.95 JOD

Cheese Rolls 1.5 JOD

Fried Kubeh 1.5 JOD

Kebab Halabi 1.8 JOD

Kebab Orfali With Tomato and Chili 1.8 JOD

Kebab Khushkhash with Tomato, Garlic and Chili 1.8 JOD

Eggplant Kebab 1.8 JOD

Shukaf 2.5 JOD

Spicy Shukaf 2.5 JOD

Shish Taouk 1.95 JOD

Meat Arayes 1.95 JOD

Falafel Arayes 1.5 JOD

1 KG Kebab 19.5 JOD

Your Choice of Kebab (Halabi/Orfali/Khushkhash/Antabli/Eggplant/with Yoghurt)

1/2 KG Kebab 11 JOD

Your Choice of Kebab (Halabi/Orfali/Khushkhash/Antabli/Eggplant/with Yoghurt)

1 KG Shukaf 24.5 JOD

1/2 KG Shukaf 14 JOD

1 Kg Shish Taouk 19.5 JOD

1/2 Kg Shish Taouk 11 JOD

1 Kg Platter Mixed Grill Shukaf, Kebab & Shish Taouk 22 JOD

1/2 Kg Platter Mixed Grill Shukaf, Kebab & Shish Taouk 12 JOD

Kebab Sandwich Combo 5.59 JOD

Your Choice of Kebab (Halabi/Orfali/Khushkhash/Antabli/Eggplant/with Yoghurt)

Shish Taouk Combo 6.75 JOD

Shukaf Combo 6.75 JOD

Mixed Grill Combo - 4 Skewers 6.75 JOD

Grilled Chicken Combo 8.95 JOD

1/2 Grilled Chicken Combo 5.25 JOD

Mega Mixed Grill - 4 Pax 18 JOD

2 French Fries + Pickles + Garlic Dip + 2 Hummous + Soft Drinks or Yoghurt

Kebab Sandwich Combo 2.5 JOD

Shukaf Sandwich Combo 2.95 JOD

Shish Taouk Sandwich Combo 2.75 JOD

Pickles 1 JOD

French Fries 1 JOD

Rice 1 JOD

Muhalabieh 1.5 JOD


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