Loyalty Program

Rewards Program

Reserve, enjoy & get rewarded!

2,000 POINTS


5 JD

How to collect points?

How to redeem points?

Reserve, enjoy & get rewarded!

  • 2,000 POINTS   =   5 JD

  • Welcome Points
    400 POINTS
  • Reservation
    100 POINTS
Frequently Asked Questions
question icon Who can join the Rewards Program?
Reserveout Users and Guests can benefit from the Rewards Program. However, guests will only be able to view and redeem their points once they create a Reserveout account. Creating an account will grant guests additional 400 points as a welcome bonus.
question icon How can I earn points?
Once you create a Reserveout account, you’ll be rewarded with 400 Points as a Welcome bonus. Then, each time you make and honor a reservation through our website or mobile application, you’ll earn additional points for every reservation you make.
question icon What can I redeem my points for?
You can redeem your points for a dining voucher. Feel free to either pick a restaurant you'd like to dine at, or a tempting promotion you'd like to enjoy!
question icon What happens if I canceled my reservation?
- In the case of collecting: No points will be granted if you missed your reservation or canceled it.
- In the case of Redeeming: If you canceled your reservation, you will get back your designated points. However, if you missed your reservation, designated points will be lost.
question icon Can my points expire?
- Yes, points will expire after one year of the acquisition date.
question icon I’ve made a reservation through Reserveout but didn’t get any points in return.
No worries! Once you make an online reservation, our system will automatically reward you with pending points within few minutes of the reservation. Once you honor your reservation, points status will go from ‘Pending’ to ‘Available’ points added to your credit. If you didn’t receive your points after honoring your reservation, feel free to contact us by sending an email to info@reserveout.com and we’ll take it from there.
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