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Mawwal Restaurant

Mawwal Restaurant, welcomes you to experience the fabulous Arabic hospitality at its best. Offering high end banquets for all your accessions with a wide variety of new tastes in memorable atmosphere. They carefully take food supervising matters into their hands and makes sure clients are served delicious food that is cooked daily with the freshest and highest quality products. Their professional staff wholeheartedly greets our guest to step into the mesmerizing restaurant. We are committed providing their guests the finest service by their highly qualified staff. they welcome their privileged guests everyday for fabulous lunches and dinners that are offered in set menus and served in a luxurious settings.

Dress Code

Smart Casual


Zahran St.


Opening Hours

Sun - Sat: 10:00am to 12:00pm

Phone Number

+962 65855766

Soup of the Day 2 JOD

Kubbah Sajeyeh 1 JOD

Fried Kubbah 0.5 JOD

Burak Cheese 0.5 JOD

Fried Halloumi Cheese 2 JOD

Grilled Halloumi Cheese 2 JOD

Musakhan Roll 0.5 JOD

French Fries 2 JOD

Grilled Spicy Mawwal Salad 2 JOD

Hummos 2 JOD

Fatteh Hummos 2 JOD

Mawwal Mutabal 2 JOD

Baba Ghanouj 2 JOD

Spicy Labaneh 2 JOD

Yogurt 2.75 JOD

Yogurt with Cucmuber 2 JOD

Chenklish Cheese 2.49 JOD

Bakdunsieh 2 JOD

Tabbouleh 2.4 JOD

Mawwal Tajeen 2.4 JOD

Spinach Tabbouleh 2.4 JOD

Muhammarha 2 JOD

Yalanji 2.4 JOD

Fattoush 2.4 JOD

Soft Arabic Salad 2 JOD

Rough Arabic Salad 2 JOD

Salad With Tahinah 2 JOD

Turkish Spicy Salad 2 JOD

Halloum Salad 2 JOD

Roca Salad 2 JOD

Peasant Salad 2.4 JOD

Olive Halabi 2 JOD

Pickles and Olives 2 JOD

Kebab Halabi 5.8 JOD

Kebab Iraqi 5.8 JOD

Lamb Chops 5.8 JOD

Shish Taouk Mawwal 5.3 JOD

Lamb Kastalita 5.8 JOD

Half BBQ Chicken Charcoal 3.65 JOD

Arayes 2.65 JOD

Lamb Eggs 5.3 JOD

Lamb Liver 5.3 JOD

Lamb Kidneys 5.3 JOD

Lamb Roast Marrow 3.9 JOD

Chicken Wings 5.3 JOD

Grilled Leyeh 0.9 JOD

Mixed Barbeque 5.8 JOD

Hummos With Meat 6.8 JOD

Kofta Tomatoes 6.8 JOD

Kofta Baltahinah 6.8 JOD

Ras Asfour 6.8 JOD

Lamb Chops 6.8 JOD

Liver and Kidneys and Sheep Eggs 6.8 JOD

Lamb Liver 6.8 JOD

Lamb Kalawi 6.8 JOD

Lamb Eggs 6.8 JOD

Traditional Mawwal Chicken 6.8 JOD

Galaiet Tomato 3 JOD

Galaiet Tomato Meat 6.8 JOD

Chicken Liver With Debs Alrumman 4.85 JOD

Hosah Liver and Kalawi and Sheep Eggs 6.8 JOD

Traditional Hosah Liver 6.8 JOD

Traditional Hosah Kidneys 6.8 JOD

Traditional Hosah Sheep Eggs 6.8 JOD

Traditional Hosah Liver & Sheep Eggs 6.8 JOD

Traditional Hosah Liver and Kidneys 6.8 JOD

Traditional Hosah Kidneys and Sheep Eggs 6.8 JOD

Traditional Hosah Lahmeh 6.8 JOD

Mawwal Special 5 JOD

Orange 5 JOD

Orange and Mint 5 JOD

Watermelon 5 JOD

Watermelon and Mint 5 JOD

Apple and Peppermint 5 JOD

Apple 5 JOD

Tufahtan 5 JOD

Melon 5 JOD

Gum 5 JOD

Peppermint Gum 5 JOD

Peppermint and Cinnamon Gum 5 JOD

Grapes 5 JOD

Grapes and Mint 5 JOD

Strawberry 5 JOD

Mixed Fruit 5 JOD

Cherries 5 JOD

Lemon 5 JOD

Lemon and Mint 5 JOD

Mint 5 JOD

Tunbak Ajami 5 JOD

Zaghloul and Tufahtan 5 JOD

Zaghloul 5 JOD

Soda 0.95 JOD

Fresh Orange Juice 2.4 JOD

Lemon Juice With Mint 2.4 JOD

Fresh Lemon Juice 2.4 JOD

Turkish Coffee 0.5 JOD

Green Tea 0.5 JOD

Regular Tea 0.5 JOD

Herbal Tea 0.5 JOD

Nescafe 0.5 JOD

Shanineh 1 JOD

Mineral Water Small 0.95 JOD

Mineral Water Large 1.4 JOD

Perrier Water 1.4 JOD

Vita Without Alcohol 1.5 JOD

Redbull 2.1 JOD

Arabic Ice Cream Topped With Nuts 2.25 JOD

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