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"Prego" is a common word in Italian with the meaning: You're Welcome! Prego Lounge welcomes you at anytime of the day, with the everyday specials, delicious shisha flavors and an exquisite menu you are sure to be pleased! Enjoy the out-door seating with a romantic sky-line, Prego Lounge also provides a laid-back atmosphere that is excellent for a group's night out and leisure.

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Granada Hotel Al Imam Malek St 9

1st Circle

Jabal Amman

Opening Hours

Sun - Sat: 4:00pm to 1:00am

Phone Number

+962 796533838

RondeIla Quattro Formaggi 7 JOD

Spaghetti Aragosta 8.5 JOD

Lasagna 6 JOD

Rigatoni ala Vodka 5.5 JOD

Evoke Rosé 6.5 JOD

Prego Spaghetti Brie Cheese 7 JOD

Fettuccini Gorgonzola 6 JOD

Chicken Satay 9 JOD

Chicken tenders, soy sauce, sesame, peanut butter. Asian salad

Shrimps Tambour 7 JOD

Shrimps, tartar sauce

Spring Rolls Lobster 5 JOD

Lobster, mixed vegetables, soy sauce

Chicken Quesadilla 6 JOD

Tortilla bread, chicken, red beans, onions, ginger, paprika, soy sauce, sour cream,Mexican salsa, cheddar cheese

Fried Shrimps and Calamari 7 JOD

Grilled, fried, tambour

Chicken Balls 5.5 JOD

Chicken, butter, nuts, sweet chili sauce

Lamb Skewers 6 JOD

Beef, sun-dried tomato sauce, grilled

Fish Fingers 6 JOD

Fried tambora

Mozzarella Pieces 5 JOD

Mozzarella cheese, Marinara sauce

Mussels Osaka 7 JOD

Steamed mussels, Rocca, lettuce, sweet chili, orange sauce

Chicken Crunch 5.5 JOD

Chicken tenders, corn flakes

Sautéed Shrimp 8 JOD

Grilled shrimps, lemon sauce

Sautéed Mushrooms 5.5 JOD

Mushrooms, lemon, garlic, parsley

Oven Mushroom 5.5 JOD

Mushroom, cream, parmesan cheese

Classic American Buffalo Wings or Tenders 5 JOD

Chicken Spinach Dip 6 JOD

Chicken, chips, creamy cheese with spinach

Hot Platter 18 JOD

Mini burgers, potato skins, cheese bomb, chicken pops, grilled hot-dog

Seafood Platter 27 JOD

Shrimps, calamari, fish, mussels, stuffed mushrooms

Mixed Platter 20 JOD

Lamb skewers, stuffed chicken, shrimps, mixed cheese, quesadilla Buffalo wings

Cheese Platter 16 JOD

Soup of the day 4 JOD

Seafood Salad 8.5 JOD

Shrimp, calamari, smoked salmon, mussels, lettuce, grated carrots, celery, parsley

Crab Salad 6 JOD

Crab, carrots, cucumbers, balsamic rice

Smoked Salmon Salad 7.5 JOD

Rocca, salmon, dressing

Asian Salad 6.5 JOD

Capsicum, fresh beans. Chinese beans, crispy spaghetti

Prego Salad 6 JOD

Palmetto, asparagus, artichoke, baby corn, avocado, sun-dried tomato, Rocca, lettuce

Shrimp Avocado Salad 8.5 JOD

Shrimp, avocado, lettuce, cocktail sauce

Salmon Tartar Salad 6.5 JOD

Fresh salmon, lemon, capers, green onion, dills

Prego Classic Salads — Your Choice 5 JOD

Chicken Sandwich 6 JOD

Chicken, sweet pepper, mushrooms, onion, mixed cheese

Chicken Caesar Sandwich 6 JOD

Chicken, lettuce, Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese

Classic Angus Burger 6 JOD

Handmade burger, onion, mushrooms, cream cheese

Club Sandwich 5.5 JOD

Chicken, roast beef, turkey, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese

Beef Steak Sandwich 6.5 JOD

Beef, onions, mushrooms, tomato, mixed cheese

Fajitas Sandwich 6.5 JOD

Beef or chicken, sweet pepper, onion

Burritos 6.5 JOD

Chicken or beef, tortilla bread, red beans, avocado, Mexican salad, mixed cheese

Margherita Pizza 5 JOD

Mozzarella, tomato sauce, oregano

Verdure Pizza 5.5 JOD

Mozzarella, season vegetables, funghi, oregano, tomato sauce

Prego Pizza 6.5 JOD

Mozzarella, tomato sauce, corn, sun-dried tomatoes, sweet peppers, salami, hot dog, oregano

Quattro Formaggi Pizza 7 JOD

Mozzarella, cheddar, Emmental and Parmesan cheese, tomato sauce, oregano

Quattro Stagioni Pizza 6 JOD

Mozzarella, tomato sauce, artichoke, turkey, sweet pepper, mushrooms. oregano

Sea Food Pizza 9.5 JOD

Mozzarella, tomato sauce, shrimp, calamari, fish, onion, oregano

Extra any kind of

Sun-dried tomato, artichoke, corn, cheese 1.50 Cold meats (salami, hot dog. roast beef, turkey 1.50 Chicken or Beef 1.50 Seafood 3.00

Chicken Medallion 9 JOD

Stuffed chicken, capsicum, mixed cheese, fresh mushroom, sun-dried tomato

Grilled Jumbo Shrimps 19 JOD

Grilled Sea Bass 12 JOD

Grilled Salmon 11 JOD

Grilled Chicken 8 JOD

Grilled Steak of Beef 14 JOD

Veal Parmesan 10 JOD

Oriental Flot Fish 12 JOD

Denies fish, carrot, capsicum, celery, lemon, tomato

Lamb Chops 14 JOD

Grilled lamb chops

Prego Platter 30 JOD

Grilled shrimps, grilled salmon, sea bass, grilled beef, grilled chicken


Mushroom, mustard, peppers, lemon, red wine, leak, dill, gravy, mint

Apple Pie 5 JOD

Chocolate Mousse 5 JOD

Tiramisu 5.5 JOD

Prego Crepe 5.5 JOD

Fruits Vondor 5 JOD

FIJI water 1.5 JOD

330m1 is (1.50) JD and FIJI water IL (2.00) JD

Pepsi. 7 -Up 2 JOD

Diet Pepsi. Diet 7 -Up 2 JOD


(soda water, tonic water, bitter lemon, bitter lemon sugar free, pink lemonade, pink lemonade sugar free, cranberry, grenadine. ginger ale)

g acai berry 4 JOD

Fresh Juice 3 JOD

Sparkling Water 3 JOD


Red Bull 0 SUGAR FREE 3.5 JOD

Virgin Mary 5 JOD

Virgin Kamikaze Blue or Red 5 JOD

Lady Mint 5 JOD

Fruit Smoothie 5 JOD

Cappuccino 4 JOD

Coffee Latte 4 JOD

Espresso 3.5 JOD

American Coffee 3.5 JOD

Tea Flavored 3 JOD

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they didnt know about the reservation and they didnt have a table at first, then when they put a table for us, the service was very bad

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