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Fondant Potatoes

baked potato

French fries

Anna Potateoes

Mashed potatoes

Seared Sea Scallops 12.5 JOD

Carrot & beetroot puree,basil,ginger foam, almonds(N)

Yellow Fin Tuna 10.5 JOD

soy sauce gel, pickled shimaji mushrooms, chives, chili mayonnaise

Steak Tartare 12 JOD

fondant potatoes, croutons, chili tomato caviar

Slow Roasted Duck Breast 13 JOD

date purée, lavender foam, salted carrots, orange sauce

Dehydrated Vegetables Chips 4 JOD

M sour cream dip

Caesar Salad - Our "RG" Classic 6.5 JOD

baby gem, creamy parmesan dressing, herb croutons

Beetroot Salad M 7 JOD

arugula, frisée, hazelnuts, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette (N)

Creamy Burrata Cheese, Pears and Shaved Bresaola 9.5 JOD

herb oil, candied pistachios (N)

Crab and Rock Shrimp Dumplings 8 JOD

sweet chili glazed with kaffir lime

Butter Poached Prawns 18 JOD

saffron rice cracker, cilantro rice cracker, grilled asparagus, sautéed shitake mushrooms, romesco sauce (N)

Grilled Seabass 17 JOD

sautéed carrots, asparagus, saffron mashed potatoes, basil garlic sauce, lemon foam

Thyme Infused Chicken Breast 13 JOD

cream spinach, carrot purée, mashed potatoes, shallots confit

Surf & Turf 42 JOD

US Angus Tenderloin 200gr, Omani Lobster Tail 100gr, mashed potatoes, sautéed asparagus, sautéed shitake mushrooms, herb jus

Roasted Lamb Loin 18 JOD

anna potatoes, cream spinach, sautéed carrots, mint jus

Seasonal Ravioli M. 9 JOD

selected herbs, shaved grana padano

Herb Jus

Truffle Mushroom


Minty Chimichurri

Peppercorn Jus

Bouillabaisse 8 JOD

seafood, tomato, rouille

Pumpkin Soup 7 JOD

M wild mushrooms, parmesan

USA 100% USA Certified Angus Beef Tenderloin 200g - 300g Flank 300g T-Bone 500g

Tenderloin 200g 28 JDs - 300g 28 JDs
Flank 300g 22 JDs
T-Bone 500g 39 JDs

100% US Super Prime Beef

Tenderloin 240g 34 JDs
Striploin 350g 24 JDs
Rib Eye 350g 32 JDs

Grass Fed Angus Beef Cowboy Steak (Bone in Rib Eye) 350g 32 JOD

Bone in Rib Eye 350g

Wagyu – “KIWAMI” Marbling Score 9+

Tenderloin 200g for 45.00 JOD Sirloin 250g for 49.00 JOD

Long Fed Angus Gold 22 JOD

Stockyard Flat Iron Steak 250g

Creamed Spinach, Shallots and Parmesan 3 JOD

Grilled Asparagus, Herb Butter and Sea Salt 5 JOD

steamed Broccoli, Salt & Pepper (N)S 3 JOD

Roasted Mushrooms 4 JOD

Grilled Root Vegetables 3 JOD