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The Foyer

Four Seasons Hotel Amman International

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Pumpkin & Carrot Bisque 4 JOD

Served with French Baguette

Lintel Soup 4 JOD

Served with Lemon, crouton

Harira Soup 5 JOD

Diced lamb, onion, vermicelli, garbanzo beans, diced tomato lentil, served with crouton and lemon

Caesar 11 JOD

Baby romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, garlic crouton, anchovy Caesar dressing

Wedge 12 JOD

Iceberg wedge, crispy turkey bacon, spring onion, blue cheese, shaved red onion

Spinach & Orzo 10 JOD

Baby spinach, red onion, crispy orzo, cherry tomato, feta cheese crumble, pine nuts, balsamic olive oil vinaigrette

Cobb 11 JOD

Mixed baby lettuce, chicken, tomato, cucumber, beef bacon boiled eggs, avocado, blue cheese crumble, orange vinaigrette

Smoked Salmon 12 JOD

Capers, pickled onion, baby leaves, herbs bread

Smoked Salmon 14 JOD

Traditional smoked salmon, capers, onions, brown bread

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Grilled Chicken JOD 4
Grilled Salmon JOD 5
Grilled Shrimp JOD 7

Philly Steak 13 JOD

Shaved beef steak, caramelized onions, bell peppers, sautéed mushrooms, roasted garlic mayonnaise, served on a soft baguette

Caprese 11 JOD

Basil leaves, fresh mozzarella, sliced tomato, balsamic oil drizzle olive ciabatta bread

Club Sandwich 12 JOD

Grilled chicken, beef bacon, eggs, lettuce, tomato, cheese, Cajun mayonnaise

Classic Burger 14 JOD

U.S Angus beef burger, American cheese, beef bacon sautéed mushroom, brioche bun

From the Oven 11 JOD

Your choice of; Margarita, Bolognaise, Alfredo or Seasonal Vegetable served either as a Pizza or Calzone

T-bone Steak 34 JOD

Ribeye Steak 32 JOD

Striploin Steak 28 JOD

Beef Tenderloin 33 JOD

Lamb Chops 18 JOD

Roasted Spring Chicken 13 JOD

Grilled Salmon 21 JOD

Grilled Tiger Prawns 28 JOD

Seabass 24 JOD

Served with your choice of a side and a sauce

Side dish
Mashed potato, homemade French fries, Spinach mushroom ragout

Béarnaise, black pepper, Roquefort cheese, beef jus, garlic lemon, capers dill

Cold Mezzeh 11 JOD

Hummus, fattoush, tabbouleh, mutable, vine leaves

Baked Hot Mezzeh 12 JOD

Cheeses, spinach, fried kubbeh

Baked Arays 11 JOD

Traditional pita bread, minced local lamb, plain yogurt, rocket sliced tomato, spring onion, pickles

Falafel Sampler 8 JOD

Shata, tahini salad, onion, mint, radish, small pita bread with poppy seeds

Shawarma Experience 19 JOD

Beef and chicken rolls, sliced tomato, pickles, hummus garlic mayonnaise

Local Burger 14 JOD

Mixed local beef and lamb, baby rocket leaves, goat cheese lamb sausage, garlic aioli, black sesame seed bun

Freekeh Stuffed Ferry 12 JOD

Cucumber yogurt, Arabic salad, mixed olive and pickles

Sawani Kofta (Tahini or Tomato) 14 JOD

Local lamb kofta, fried potato, fried chili, fried onion

Samak Belsiniyah 24 JOD

Fresh seabass, onion, garlic, tomato, spring onion, fresh coriander kalamata olives

Tagine Chicken 19 JOD

Organic chicken, onion, garlic, green olives, cumin, turmeric, lemon

Lamb Mansaf 19 JOD

Bone in lamb, cooked in jameed sauce, yellow rice

Um Ali 5 JOD

Apple Pie 5 JOD

Chocolate Royaltine 5 JOD

Kunafa 6 JOD

Ice Cream (per scoop) 2 JOD

Trolley French Pastries 5 JOD