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Trader Vic's

Regency Palace Hotel International , Italian

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USDA Prime Mignon 37 JOD

BBQ vegetables and bearnaise sauce.

Fire Roasted Yoghurt Chicken 19 JOD

Potato hash, smoky BBQ sauce.

Indonesian Rack of Lambs 21 JOD

Singapore noodles, peanut butter, and trader vic's chutney.

USDA Ribeye Steak 37 JOD

Mashed potato, BBQ vegetables, and bearnaise sauce.

Norwegian Salmon Supreme 21 JOD

Warm shiitake, vinaigrette, served with steam rice.

Trader Vic's Curries

A rich combination of potato, carrot, cucumber, apple, red pimento, onion and our own blend of madras curry powder. all curries come with pine nuts, raisins, banana, coconut, chutney, chow chow and tomatoes.

Chicken for JOD 15
Beef for JOD 16
Prawn for JOD 18
Hammour for JOD 16

Black Angus Chateau Briand 45 JOD

Include two side dishes and two sauces of your choice.

Seafood Parillada 35 JOD

Lobster, sea bass, salmon and prawn, with spinach and saffron sauce.

Fillet Mignon 37 JOD

Served on a bed of sauteed spinach, potatoes and malagasy butter.

Macdamia Crusted Hammour 17 JOD

Seared hammour fish topped with a macdamia nut, green butter, golden zuchinni, eggplants, crimini mushroom, cherry tomatoes, coconut curry sauce and yam puree.

San Francisco Prawns in a Chardonnay Sauce 19 JOD

Saffron mashed potatoes, sauteed vegetables.

Mongolian Short Ribs 19 JOD

Short ribs braised in garlic, ginger, onion, carrot, celery, tomato paste, plum wine, red wine, chicken broth, hoisin sauce, demi glace, szechuan peppercorn, cinnamon, star anise and arbol chillies

Mushroom Risotto 11 JOD

Arborio rice par-cooked and mixed with mushrooms duxelles, raw beech and shiitake mushrooms, and mushroom stock.

Pan Roasted Duck Breast 14 JOD

Magret skin on mushroom, zuchini, pineapple, peanut, red curry sauce, and yam puree.

Tuna Sashimi Tempura 11 JOD

Yellowfin tuna, wrapped in nori, dipped in tempura batter, and flash fried. served with wild rice and soybean salad, soybean avocado mousse and plum sauce.

Paper Thin Fillet of Beef Flambe 21 JOD

Thinly sliced in mustard brandy sauce. prepared tableside.

Szechuan Prawns 16 JOD

Jumbo size, in a dried chili sauce, wood ear mushroom, and snow peas.

Mangolian Lamb 17 JOD

Spicy bean sauce, served with stir fried onion on crisp, fried rice noodles.

Kung Pao Chicken 15 JOD

Celery, bell pepper, bamboo, water chestnuts and cashew in hoisin chili sauce.

Sweet and Sour Prawns 16 JOD

Tampura coated, served with stir fried onion, mixed bell peppers and pineapple.

Mango Chili Beef 18 JOD

Diced fillet, mango, shiitake and mixed bell peppers, garnshid with mint.

Singapore Noodles 13 JOD

Curry flavoured rice noodles with chicken, shrimp and vegetables.

Pad Thai 15 JOD

Stir fried rice noodles served with stir fried eggs, fish sauce, garlic, shallots, bean sprouts, and soy sauce.

Trader Vic's Salad 9 JOD

Baby shrimp, mixed greens and palm heart, in a javaneese dressing.

Ceasar Salad 7 JOD

Romaine hearts, shaved parmesan and garlic croutons.

Maui Waui Shrimp 12 JOD

Battered and fried coconut crusted prawns, tossed with maui waui sauce. served over katsu slaw and granished with a lime wedge.

Chinatown Chicken Salad 10 JOD

Roasted chicken, tossed in our chinese mustard vinaigrette. mixed with napa cabbage, and topped with fried wonton stripes and rice noodles, cilantro, and roasted peanuts.

Wonton Soup 7 JOD

Prawn and chicken dumplings, snow peas, black mushrooms and pack choi.

Tomato Bisque 7 JOD

San marzano tomato, anchovy paste, garlic, chili flake, and onion

Potato Celery Soup 10 JOD

Chicken broth, shallots, onions, celery and potato

Miso Soup 8 JOD

Miso paste, wakame leaf, tofu, bean sprouts and spring onion.

Island Tidbits 13 JOD

Crab rangoon, chicken wings, crispy prawns, cheese balls.

Crispy Prawns 10 JOD

Coated in japanese panko, fried golden.

Cosmo Tidbits 14 JOD

BBQ lamb ribs, crab rangoon, crispy prawns and char siu veal.

Crab Rangoon 7 JOD

Crab meat and cream cheese, folded in a crispy wonton skin.

Beef Cho Cho 9 JOD

Seared, skewered meat with soy sake sauce and a flaming hibachi.

Prawns a La Plancha 12 JOD

Sauteed chopped garlic and coriander butter sauce.

Jalapeno Cheese Balls 7 JOD

Cheddar cheese, emmental cheese and coriander, fried golden.

Hawaiian Ahi Poke 13 JOD

Tuna lion in a soy chili marinade, avocado cream and crispy chips.

Fried Meat Spring Rolls 8 JOD

Beef, fragrant spiced vegetables, and sweet chili sauce.

Tempura Calamari 8 JOD

Golden fried calamari, wasabi mayonnaise.

Bamboo Chicken 10 JOD

Grilled, skewerd chicken, with hawaiian pineapple sauce.

Shrimp Wontons 8 JOD

Fried wontons filled with shrimp, chicken, scallions and garlic, chilli oil and soy sauce.

Stir Fried Chicken Lettuce Wraps 12 JOD

Ground chicken, Marinated in soy sauce and rice wine, wok'd with ginger, garlic, pine nut, water chestnuts and shiitakes mushrooms, with a spice hoisin sauce.

Steamed Shrimp and Crab Dumplings 10 JOD

Wonton wrapper filled with mixture of white fish, shrimp, crab, egg, ginger, cilantro, scallions, dark rice wine and soy sauce.

Cheese Bing Rolls 10 JOD

Smoked ham with mornay sauce, wrapped in wonton skin and fried golden.

Korean Beef Tacos 10 JOD

Flat iron steak, marinated in hoisin sauce and dried chili flakes, cooked on the flat top, and then placed in crispy wonton taco shells, served with pickled rice.