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3rd Circle Japanese

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Yoshi is a contemporary casual and relaxed all day Asian dining experience for all occasions with a beautiful interior comprised of wood paneled walls, banquet seating, fine art, contemporary fireplace, wood decked summer terrace and brass and bamboo fittings. The dining experience is complimented by freshly prepared Asian food with light Dim Sum, authentic Teppanyaki and Asian platters, with delicately prepared sushi are created live at the Sushi bar where seating is available. Yoshi is a relaxing place to have a business lunch, afternoon Japanese tea on the terrace or just to meet friends for some light bites

Dress Code

Smart Casual

Executive Chef



Abu Feras Al-Hamadani St.

3rd Circle

Jabal Amman

Opening Hours

Sun - Sat: 1:00pm to 10:00pm

Phone Number

+962 64640903

Miso Soup 4.5 JOD

Soup of The Day 4.75 JOD

ask your waiter

Kani Salad 5.25 JOD

crab, carrot & cucumber with Japanese mayo & tempura flakes

Sashimi Salad 9.75 JOD

tuna, salmon, crab & octopus with chef's dressing

Tuna & Shrimp Salad 9.75 JOD

with crunchy Japanese herbs

Yasai Salad 4.5 JOD

young corn, lettuce, avocado, tomato, carrot, served with wafu dressing

Chicken Peanut Salad 6.95 JOD

chicken with vegetables served with peanut dressing

Beef Salad 6.95 JOD

prime tenderloin beef & mixed vegetables with spicy ginger salad

Yoshi Salad 7.5 JOD

vermicelli, shrimp, chicken, vegetables with chef's chilli sauce

Healthy Edwin Salad 10.95 JOD

mix of sashimi with seaweed topped with bonzo sauce

Orange Crab Salad 5.25 JOD

Crab, lettuce, and red pepper, with wasabi and orange dressing

Ahi Tuna 7.95 JOD

Seared tuna, served with a special bonzo sauce

Edamame 4.5 JOD

regular, spicy or with lemon

Crab Rangoon 5.5 JOD

fried wraps filled with crab & cheese

Vegetable Spring Rolls 3.5 JOD

Fried Beef Wontons 4.75 JOD

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings 3.95 JOD

Steamed Spinach & Shrimp Dumplings 4.95 JOD

Steamed Chicken Dumplings 4.5 JOD

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings 5.25 JOD

Steamed Shrimp & Scallop Dumplings 6.95 JOD

Shake (Salmon) 5.75 JOD

Maguro Tuna 5.75 JOD

Kani (Crab) 3.95 JOD

Gindara (Butterfish) 5.75 JOD

Ebi (Shrimp) 5.5 JOD

Hottategai (Scallop) 5.75 JOD

Kajiki (Blue Marlin) 8.25 JOD

Taco (Octopus) 5.5 JOD

Shime Saba (Mackerel) 6.75 JOD

Hamachi (Yellowtail) 10.95 JOD

Unagi (Eel) 8.25 JOD

Ebiko (Lobster Roe) 6.25 JOD

2 pcs

Ikura (Salmon Roe) 9.95 JOD

2 pcs

Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe) 8.25 JOD

2 pcs

Vegetarian 2.95 JOD

Shake (Salmon) 4.75 JOD

Maguro (Tuna) 4.75 JOD

Kani (Crab) 3.95 JOD

Ebi (Shrimp) 4.25 JOD

Gindara (Butterfish) 4.75 JOD

Taco (Octopus) 5.25 JOD

Kajiki (Blue Marlin) 4.75 JOD

Ikura (Salmon Roe) 8.95 JOD

Shime Saba (Mackerel) 6.25 JOD

Hamachi (Yellowtail) 9.25 JOD

Ebiko (Lobster Roe) 6.95 JOD

Unagi (Eel) 6.75 JOD

Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe) 8.25 JOD

Hottategai (Scallop) 5.25 JOD

Salmon with Shrimp 6.5 JOD

Special Unagi 8.5 JOD

Spicy Tuna 4.75 JOD

Scallop Rolled in Cucumber 4.75 JOD

Ikura Rolled in Cucumber 9.95 JOD

Spicy Salmon 4.95 JOD

Spicy Tuna 4.95 JOD

Spicy Sesame 5.95 JOD

spicy tuna, salmon & shrimp, rolled in seaweed

Nippon 5.95 JOD

tuna, salmon & crab

Sumo 5.95 JOD

spicy salmon, tuna, shrimp & avocado, rolled in tobiko

‘Kappa’ Cucumber 2.95 JOD

Golden Sun 3.95 JOD

avocado, carrot topped with sweet corn

Super Vegetarian 3.25 JOD

cucumber, baby corn, carrot rolled in cucumber

Yoshi Tempura 5.95 JOD

shrimp, eel & crab, wrapped tempura-style

Rangoon Special 5.75 JOD

crab, cream cheese, spring onion & avocado

Pregnancy 4.95 JOD

crab rolled in shrimp

Kamakura 5.75 JOD

eel, shrimp, rolled in avocado

Yummy 5.25 JOD

crab, cucumber, avocado & oboro, topped with crab and shrimp

Hachiman 5.95 JOD

shrimp, avocado & oboro, topped with scallop

Tatakai 6.25 JOD

eel, shrimp, crab and avocado

Crispy Crab 5.95 JOD

spicy tuna, spicy salmon, shrimp topped with ebiko and crispy crab

Mikado 5.95 JOD

spicy salmon, avocado rolled in shrimp & salmon skin

Yokohama 5.5 JOD

tuna, salmon, avocado rolled in spring onion & sesame seeds

Flying Dragon 5.95 JOD

crab, ebiko, avocado rolled in eel

Tokyo 5.5 JOD

crab, shrimp, avocado rolled in ebiko

Vintage 5.95 JOD

spicy tuna, shrimp, avocado & ebiko

Green Ninja 5.95 JOD

grilled scallop, oboro, rolled in tuna & avocado

Chirashi Maki 7.75 JOD

tuna, salmon, butterfish, and crab

Scallop Special 6.95 JOD

grilled scallop and avocado rolled in spicy tuna

Yoshi Ocean 5.75 JOD

salmon, shrimp & crab wrapped in spicy salmon

Fuji 5.75 JOD

crab, avocado wrapped in spicy tuna, salmon & shrimp

Yukata 4.95 JOD

fried shrimp with an unagi sauce, topped with tuna

California 3.5 JOD

crab, cucumber & avocado

Spicy Tuna 4.75 JOD

tuna with our special sauce

Spicy Salmon 4.75 JOD

salmon with our special sauce

Nagara 4.75 JOD

spicy tuna, salmon & shrimp

Vintage 4.5 JOD

spicy tuna, shrimp & ebiko

Ikuragi 8.95 JOD

eel, ikura & cucumber, with a sweet sauce

Love Boat 21 Pcs of Maki 32.95 JOD

Marinated Vegetarian Special, California Orange, Spicy Tri-Fish, Nippon, special kakon, Spicy Ebi Tempura, Samurai Special (3 pcs each)

Kimono Boat 28 pcs of Sushi and Maki 44.95 JOD

A variety of sushi, salmon, tuna, seared butterfish, octopus, crab, avocado (2 pcs each) A mix of makimono: Ebi Salad Special, Tao, Yummy, Kamikaze (4 pcs each)

Tsunami Boat 44 pcs of Sashimi, Sushi & Maki 65.5 JOD

A variety of sashimi: tuna, salmon, crab, shrimp (4 pcs each)
A selection of sushi: salmon, seared butterfish, blue marlin, tuna, ikura & shrimp (2 pcs each)
A variety of maki: VIP, Dark Shadow, Luxury, Osaka (4 pcs each)

Shrimp 7.75 JOD

Mixed Seafood 9.95 JOD

shrimp, white fish & salmon

Vegetable 4.5 JOD

Tempura Udon 7.95 JOD

Prime Beef Tenderloin 13.95 JOD

Angus Beef 25.95 JOD

served with crispy garlic & a spicy sauce

Chicken 7.95 JOD

Jumbo Prawns 19.95 JOD

Mixed Seafood 12.95 JOD

salmon, butterfish, shrimp

Salmon 11.95 JOD

Shrimp 11.95 JOD

Tuna 13.75 JOD

Butterfish 11.95 JOD

Lobster 55 JOD

Mixed Vegetables 4.5 JOD

Prime Beef 11.95 JOD

Chicken 7.95 JOD

Salmon 12.25 JOD

Butterfish 11.95 JOD

Scallop 13.95 JOD

Mixed Seafood 11.95 JOD

Butterfish 11.95 JOD

Steamed Rice 3.25 JOD

Vegetable Fried Rice 3.5 JOD

Shrimp Fried Rice 4.25 JOD

Yaki Udon 4.95 JOD

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