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Dbayeh Lebanese , Middle-Eastern , Armenian

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Arnabit Salad II 14000 LBP

Baked cauliflower on a bed of purslane, tomatoes and mint leaves with lemon olive oil dressing

Batenjein Salad 15000 LBP

Grilled eggplant with rocket and tomatoes with pomegranate dressing

Chanklish and Basterma Salad 17000 LBP

A chanklish mix, the Batchig way

Halloumi and Soujouk Salad 18000 LBP

Grilled hallaumi and Armenian sausage on a bed of salad with lemon olive oil dressing

Dina's Chicken Salad 18000 LBP

A mix of greens, topped with marinated grilled chicken with lemon olive oil dressing

Itch 9000 LBP

Armenian Tabbouleh

Classic Tabbouleh 8000 LBP

Aadas Salad 9000 LBP

Red lentil mixed with diced tomato,coriander and pomegranate dressing

Zeitoun Salad 12000 LBP

Green olives and tomato mixed in olive oil

Hommos 6000 LBP

The traditional Lebanese chickpeas dip

Batchig's Hommos 9000 LBP

Hommos topped with our special mix oflentils

Hommos Lahme 10000 LBP

Hommos topped with spiced minced meat and pine nuts

Hommos Basterrna 10000 LBP

Hommos topped with crispy tidbits of Armenian smoked beef

Hommos Soujouk 10000 LBP

Hommos topped with shreds of crispy Armenian sausage

Baba Ghannouj 6000 LBP

The traditional eggplant moutabal

Mama Ghannouj 7000 LBP

A different recipe of moutabbal made with zucchini

Mouhammara 10000 LBP

Traditional Armenian dip with hot red pepper, walnut and olive oil

Basterma 10000 LBP

Armenian smoked beef platter

Batchig's Labneh 7000 LBP

Batchig special labneh with olive and mint.

Warak Enab 8000 LBP

Vine leaves stuffed with a special blend of rice and spices cooked in olive oil and lemon juice

Vospov keufteh 12000 LBP

Our traditional grandma's recipe of red lentil kebbeh, topped with tomato and onion salad

Tchi keufteh 17000 LBP

Armenian style raw meat kebbeh mixed with our special spices served with spiced minced meat

Kebbeh nayeh 17000 LBP

The traditional Lebanese raw meat kebbeh

Habra Nayeh 17000 LBP

Raw meat "tartar", the oriental way

Batchig's Kebbeh 8000 LBP

Stufled with minced meat and pine nuts

Batchig's Mouhammara Kebbeh 8000 LBP

Stufied with hot red pepper, walnut and olive oil

Batchig's Fish Kebbeh 8000 LBP

Stuffed with our special saifron fish mix

Batchig'sSticks 2000 LBP

Long twisted fried sticks stuffed with: Cheese
Basterma & Cheese
Labneh & Olives

Sou beureg 15000 LBP

The delicious Armenian traditional layered pastry with three kinds of white cheese

Batata Harra 8000 LBP

Spicy fried potatoes

French Fries 6000 LBP

Jawneh 14000 LBP

Grilled chicken wings with our special sauce

Dafadeh 16000 LBP

Frog legs a la provencale

Makanek 14000 LBP

The traditional Lebanese sausage grilled and served with a pinch of sumac

Soujouk with Tomatoes 16000 LBP

Pan sizzling spicy Armenian sausage in and sweet pepper sauce

Arayes Sandwiches 16000 LBP

Lebanese bread with minced meat ,herb & spices grilled on firewood.
add cheese for 2000

Mante sbenegh 24000 LBP

Vegetarian spinach mante served with a hot tomato sauce and cold garlic yoghurt

Falafel "plateau" 14000 LBP

Your own parcel of coriander falafel served with a fresh salad and tahini sauce

Halloum meshweh 16000 LBP

Grilled halloumi and vegetables( tomato, zucchini, eggplant, skewers )

Sfiha Baalbakieh 14000 LBP

Homemade, oven baked pastry boats stuffed with minced meat and served with yoghurt

Azniv 19000 LBP

Tomato sauce, cheese and crispy soujouk slices

Anayis 19000 LBP

Tomato sauce and cheese, topped with fresh rocket, tomatoes and basterma slices

Mayrig's Lahm B Ajin 11000 LBP

A mix of tomatoes, onions and meat.
add grilled eggplant for 4000 L.L

Batchig's Lahm B Ajin 11000 LBP

A mix of meat, spices and pomegranate marinade.

Dzaghig 14000 LBP

Batchig's chanklish mix

Arpi 16000 LBP

Folded dough, saroukh style stuffed with a cheese mixture with onions and red chili powder

Biberov Hats 14000 LBP

A delicious mix of tomato, red pepper, cheese, walnut and sesame

Djej Meshweh 19000 LBP

Marinated grilled chicken breast

Batchig's Mixed Grill 26000 LBP

Tlka Kebab, Shish Tawouk and Ourfali

ShishTawouk 17000 LBP

Grilled chicken brochetté

Tika Kebab 19000 LBP

Grilled beef brochettes the Armenian way

KaftaKebab 17000 LBP

Grilled Kabab with parsley

Kebab Batenjen 19000 LBP

Grilled kabab with eggplant

Ourfali 18000 LBP

Grilled kabab with tomato and pepper

Samkeh Meshwieh 22000 LBP

Oven baked fresh fish with vegetables and "tajen " sauce

Jello Karaz 6000 LBP

Naturally flavored wild sour cherry jelly

Meghle 7000 LBP

Spice pudding

Riz B Halib 7000 LBP

Milk and rice pudding brulé

Osmallieh Bi Jebneh 8000 LBP

Warm cheese stujfed osmallieh, served with sugar wrap on the side

Aish El Saray 11000 LBP

Caramelized breadcrumbs sprinkled with orange blossom water, topped with fresh ashta and pistachios

Tahinov Hats 15000 LBP

Freshly baked cinnamon and tahini pasay wida vanilla ice cream

Pain Perdu-Ian 15000 LBP

Homemade cake with miske flavored lokoum served with hot sahlab and cinnamon

Tatte Lokoum 11000 LBP

Rose lokoum pie

M of Mamma 15000 LBP

Lemon zest chocolate house cake with vanilla ice cream

Forét Noire 10000 LBP

The classic 1980's layered chocolate cake stufed with our famous wild sour cherries

Mount Ararat 17000 LBP

Rose, almond, marzipan and ashta ice cream sprinkled with Lebanese cotton candy and pistachios

Ice Cream selection 4000 LBP

Unique flavors of our homemade ice cream and sorbet

Tarte Festok 11000 LBP

Pistachio pie topped with vanilla ice cream

Soujouk 18000 LBP

Armenian style sausage topped with garlic yogurt and fried bread "fatté"

Batenjein 13000 LBP

Fried eggplant topped with garlic, yogurt and fried bread "fatte "

Whiskey Shrimps 21000 LBP

Whiskey baked shrimps topped with Greek feta: cheese and green peppers

Karaz 23000 LBP

Grilled kabab topped with yoghurt and Mayrig's wild cherries coulis "fatté"

Kebab Laban 21000 LBP

Grilled kabab topped with tomato sauce, garlic yoghurt and fried bread "fatte"