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Bay Rock Cafe

Stimulated in the heart of Beirut, and overlooking the famous Pigeon Rock, Bayrock Cafe was established in the year 1986, and has become a family favorite due to the fine cuisine it offers and the outstanding view that people could enjoy. Specializing in Arabic traditional food & International cuisine, mainly steaks, and a wide variety of fresh salads. Also famous for their delicious Plat Du Jour and different assortments of cakes and Italian ice-cream, their chefs work tirelessly to provide you with the best quality.



Dress Code

Smart Casual


Raouche St.


Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 24 Hours

Phone Number

+961 1796700

Mixed cheese plate 9900 LBP

Butter, jam & toast 7250 LBP

Cheese omelet 9500 LBP

Mexican omelet 12000 LBP

Beef omelet 14000 LBP

Foul 8500 LBP

Chick peas “Balila” 7250 LBP

Chick peas “Fatteh” with yogurt 9500 LBP

Chick peas “Msabha” 8500 LBP

with tahinah and garlic

Chick peas “Fatteh” with yogurt and meat 14500 LBP

Thyme 6000 LBP

Cheese 7000 LBP

Cocktail sage 7500 LBP

sage with a mixture of cheese and thyme

Labneh 6000 LBP

Keshek 6750 LBP

sun-dried yogurt with spices

Turkey & cheese 9000 LBP

Soujuk & cheese 9000 LBP

Chicken & cheese 9500 LBP

Mortadella & cheese 9500 LBP

Halloumi 8000 LBP

Cream soup 8500 LBP

mushroom, chicken or salmon

Vegetable soup 7750 LBP

Lentil soup 8000 LBP

Onion soup 8500 LBP

cheese, onion, croutons

Fresh vegetables plate/person 3000 LBP

Pickles or Olives 1500 LBP

Hommos-Garbanzo beans 6500 LBP

Hommos Beiruti 7000 LBP

garbanzo beans with parsley and garlic

“Moutabbal” smoked eggplant 7000 LBP

eggplant with sesame oil

B.B.Q. eggplant 7000 LBP

onion, parsley and tomato

Tabbouleh 6500 LBP

Fattoush 7000 LBP

Grape leaves 7000 LBP

Dandelion or Mouhamara 7500 LBP

“Shanklish” 7000 LBP

hot and spicy dried cheese with tomato, onion, parsley and olive oil

Labneh 6000 LBP

Local cheese with thyme 7500 LBP

Rocca or Thyme 6500 LBP

Green beans or mousakaah 7500 LBP

Batrakh 22000 LBP

pressed Egyptian caviar

Smoked salmon 22000 LBP

“Kebbeh nayeh” 14500 LBP

“Habra nayeh” 14000 LBP

Our suggestion 9500 LBP

Grilled eggplant with yogurt and garlic

Hommos with meat and pine nuts 14000 LBP

Cheese rolls (4 pcs) 6000 LBP

Kebbeh pieces (4 pcs) 9000 LBP

Kebbeh Sagieh (2 pcs) 9000 LBP

Spinach pastry “Fatayer” (4 pcs) 4000 LBP

Meat rolls (4 pcs) 7000 LBP

Mixed pastry (2 pcs of each) 10000 LBP

Mixed pastry (1 peice of each) 6000 LBP

French fries 5000 LBP

Chicken liver 8000 LBP

Birds (½ dozen) 24000 LBP

Soujouk 95000 LBP

hot and spicy Armenian sausages

Sausages 9500 LBP

Hot spicy potatoes 7500 LBP

Spring rolls (2 pcs) 7500 LBP

Shrimp rolls (2 pcs) 8000 LBP

Chicken rolls (2 pcs) 8000 LBP

Nachos with cheese (2 prs) 11000 LBP

Mozzarella sticks (3 pcs) 6500 LBP

Meat cubes fried 15000 LBP

with mushrooms and onions

Appetizers combo 22000 LBP

2 shrimp rolls, 2 mozzarella sticks
2 crab rolls, 2 breaded shrimps, 2 calamari
served with cocktail sauce and soy sauce

Crab salad 16000 LBP

sweet corn, shredded carrot, fresh mushrooms, lettuce, rocca leaves, crab fingers, crab sauce

Salmon salad 18000 LBP

fresh salmon, lettuce, rocca, avocado with soya & balsamic sauce

Pasta “nouilles” salad 15500 LBP

lettuce, cucumber, tuna or chicken, pasta, corn, basil, mayonnaise with mustard sauce

Panaché salad 17000 LBP

lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, asparagus, palmito, corn, artichokes, mushrooms with mustard sauce

Season salad 7500 LBP

lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, mint, lemon sauce

Tuna/Chicken salad 15500 LBP

lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, white tuna/chicken, corn, mayonnaise sauce

Chef’s salad 17000 LBP

lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, Emmental cheese, olives, oregano, beef ham, turkey, lemon & oil sauce

Roketa salad 15500 LBP

rocca leaves, iceberg, baby lettuce, balsamic, vinegar, parmesan, fresh mushroom, walnuts

Greek salad 13500 LBP

lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, mint, feta cheese, olives, lemon & oil sauce

Green salad 9500 LBP

lettuce, cucumber, mint, oregano, thyme,rocca leaves, parsley, onion, lemon & oil sauce

Shrimp salad 18500 LBP

rocca leaves, fresh mushrooms, sweet corn,lettuce, shrimps, shredded carrot, shrimp sauce

Caesar salad classic 12500 LBP

lettuce & parmesan cheese, with crispy croutons and our homemade caesar dressing

Caesar salad with chicken 18000 LBP

grilled chicken breast, rosemary, lettuce and Parmesan cheese, with crispy croutons and our homemade caesar dressing

Club sandwich 18500 LBP

chicken or tuna with french fries

Hamburger / Chicken burger (100gr) 13500 LBP

with french fries & coleslaw (add cheddar or Swiss cheese, for 1.500LL)

Swiss Mushroom burger (180gr) 22000 LBP

fresh mushrooms, swiss cheese and guacamole

BayRock burger (180gr) 21500 LBP

Tender veal BBQ with tomatoes, onion and guacamole

Halloumi arayes 8500 LBP

Tenderloin coeur de filet (250gr) 32000 LBP

with a choice of baked potato or french fries

Grilled steak (200gr) 25500 LBP

beef striploin with a choice of baked potato or french fries

Pepper steak 26000 LBP

beef striploin with black pepper sauce with a choice of baked potato or french fries

Mushroom Steak 28500 LBP

beef striploin with mushroom with a choice of baked potato or french fries

Shawarma chicken 17000 LBP

with french fries, garlic & coleslaw

Shawarma meat 17000 LBP

sliced tender beef with french fries, parsley onions and sesame oil

Chicken escalope “Viennoise” 19500 LBP

with french fries & coleslaw (add cheese for 1.500LL)

Beef escalope 19500 LBP

with french fries & vegetables

Chicken nuggets 12000 LBP

with french fries & Tartar sauce

Grilled boneless chicken 25000 LBP

with french fries, garlic & coleslaw

Fried wings Provençal 9500 LBP

coriander and lemon

B.B.Q chicken breast 23000 LBP

with baked potato & vegetables

Chicken Bayrock 25500 LBP

grilled chicken breast, fresh mushrooms, cream sauce baked potato with cheese & corn & vegetables

Chich taouk BBQ 18500 LBP

Meat cubes “choukaf” 25500 LBP

BBQ tender meat with Armenian pita bread, tomatoes and onions

Kafta chich kebab 17500 LBP

BBQ ground meat with parsley and onions

Kafta khishkhash 18500 LBP

ground meat with parsley, garlic & onions served with grilled spicy tomato sauce

Kafta with BBQ Eggplant 18500 LBP

Kafta arayes 17500 LBP

ground meat with parsley ، onions and garlic served in pita bread

Lamb ribs (4 pcs) 25500 LBP

BBQ baby ribs

Mixed grill 25500 LBP

Kafta, taouk, meat cubes

Grilled jumbo shrimps BBQ (3 pcs) 27000 LBP

BBQ whole boneless chicken 25000 LBP

BBQ chicken wings 8500 LBP

Plain white rice 6000 LBP

Stuffed Lamb 22000 LBP

Stuffed Chicken 22000 LBP

Ask for our daily special platter 22000 LBP

Red Mullet 110000 LBP

Sea Bass 99000 LBP

“Farridi” Fish 88000 LBP

Barracuda 88000 LBP

Shrimps 99000 LBP

Jumbo Shrimps 110000 LBP

Salmon 88000 LBP

Combo seafood 19500 LBP

calamari, shrimps pané fish filet and crab sticks with french fries

Shrimp cocktail 20000 LBP

Breaded shrimps 20000 LBP

with french fries and tartar sauce

Grilled shrimps 27500 LBP

Breaded calamari 18000 LBP

with french fries and tartar sauce

Breaded fish fillet 22500 LBP

fried Sea Bass

BBQ fish fillet 22500 LBP

BBQ Sea Bass

Fresh sardines 16500 LBP

Salmon (300gr) 28500 LBP

sauteed vegetables, potato wedges and meunière sauce

Margarita 15000 LBP

tomato sauce, cheese

Pepperoni 16500 LBP

tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni

Bayrock 18500 LBP

tomato sauce, cheese, mortadella sweet corn, oregano, olives

Vegetarian 18000 LBP

cheese, artichoke, green pepper onion, asparagus, eggpalnt

Primavera 17000 LBP

tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, rocca leaves, fresh tomato, olive oil

Salmon 22000 LBP

rocca and Parmesan cheese

Shrimp Pasta 24000 LBP

with garlic and tomato sauce

Penne Arrabiata 17500 LBP

with basil and tomato sauce

Tagliatelle Alfredo 22500 LBP

with chicken and white sauce

Spaghetti Bolognese 20500 LBP

with ground beef

Crêpes 13000 LBP

chocolate, banana, fruit salad, nuts fresh cream and butter

Cuba 11500 LBP

chocolate, banana, nuts and butter

Bayrock 13000 LBP

chocolate and pineapple, kiwi or seasonal fruits

Yum Yum 12000 LBP

chocolate, vanilla ice cream and nuts

Chocolate cake 11500 LBP

with chocolate or vanilla ice cream

Chocolate cake (plain) 8500 LBP

Cheese cake 8500 LBP

Brownie 7500 LBP

Brownie with ice cream 11500 LBP

Ricotta cheese & honey 14500 LBP

Qashtaliye 7500 LBP

Mouhallabiye with ricotta cheese, nuts, syrup

Sara’s Delight 10500 LBP

fruit salad with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

Fresh Fruit salad 9500 LBP

Italian ice cream 8000 LBP

Chocolat mou 8500 LBP

Banana split 95000 LBP

Lebanese Mezza 52500 LBP

(Cold Appetizers, Hot Platters, mixed BBQs) includes mineral water, soft drinks, coffee or tea

Special Offers 52500 LBP

1- Soup OR Cream Garlic Mushrooms
2- Shrimp Salad OR Crab
(cocktail in a cup)
3- Fish Fillet OR Striploin Steak
OR Chicken Breast
(cooked your favourite way)
4- French Fries
(fried, baked or wedges)
5- Water
with this offer
(a bottle of wine for 35.000LL)

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