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Beit Nazha

Byblos Lebanese

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Tabbouleh 8000 LBP

Traditional Lebanese Salad With Parsley, Mint , Crushed Wheat, Tomato & Onions, Olive Oil & Lemon

Fattoush 8000 LBP

Lebanese famous salad with faous beit nazha pomegranate sauce

Bezenjan Al- Rahib 8000 LBP

Grilled eggplant with mint, onions & tomatoes with garlic, lemon juice & beit naazha olive oil

Rocca & Thyme 8000 LBP

Rocca & thyme with onions, chopped tomatoes, sumac, olive oil & Lemon Juice

Hindbeh 7500 LBP

Dandelion from beit nazha topped with caramelized onions

Hommos 6000 LBP

Chickpea pure with sesam paste

Hommos with pine & meat 12500 LBP

Mashed chickpeas with meat & pine nuts

Mtabbal Battenjen 6500 LBP

Grilled eggplant puree mixed with sesame paste

Green keshek 9000 LBP

Homemade green keshek served with preserved fresh thyme

Labneh Baldye 6500 LBP

Our special labneh with garlic & thyme

Labneh Mtabbaleh 7500 LBP

Labneh mixed with tomato, cucumber & aromas

Shanklish beit nazha 9000 LBP

Beit nazha aged cheese with tomatoes, onions and olive oil

Nazha Green Bean 9500 LBP

Green beans smothered in olive oil & lots of mint leaves

Jabneh Baladieh 9500 LBP

Homemade white cheese

Batata Mahrouseh 9000 LBP

Mashed potatoes mixed with green onion, mint leaves and olive oil

Grape Vine Leaves 8000 LBP

Grape vine leaves filled with rice, tomatoes & parsley , cooked with olive oil and lemon

Mouhamara 9000 LBP

Mixed Mediterranean spicy with red pepper, nuts and olive oil

Sausages 13000 LBP

Fried Lebanese sausage flambeed in pomegranate sauce

Soujok Hot Pot 11000 LBP

Homemade Lebanese spicy soujok, sauteed with tomatoes & onions

Grilled Soujok 13500 LBP

Char grilled sausages & soujok with lots of grilled tomatoes

Chicken liver 11500 LBP

Marinated chicken liver, with pomegranate sauce

Lebanese Chicken Wings 10000 LBP

Fried chicken wings marinated with garlic & fresh coriander

Lahmet Ras Asfour 14000 LBP

Best meat cubes with beit nazha special spices & lemon

Fattet Hommos 9.5 LBP

Layers of chickpeas toasted lebanese bread, fresh yogurt garlic & pine nuts

Fattet Bathenjan 9500 LBP

Eggplants soaked in garlic yogurt with toasted lebanese bread & pine nuts

Kebbeh w Laban 11000 LBP

Grilled kebbeh stuffed with meat, onions & pine nuts served with yogurt

Fried eggs with soujok or sausages 10.5 LBP

Eggs with soujok or sausages

Eggs & potatoes mix 7.5 LBP

Lebanese eggs scrambled with potato served with green pepper

Eggs & Kawarma 10.5 LBP

Fried eggs mixed with kawarma

Batata Bel Kezabara 8000 LBP

Cubes of potatoes mixed with garlic & fresh coriander

Lebanese fries 7000 LBP

Fresh cut classic potato fires

Cottage cheese pie 8.5 LBP

your choice of grilled or fried dough stuffed with cottage cheese, pine nuts and green mint leaves

Fried or grilled cheese rolls 9000 LBP

Your choice of grilled or fried dough stuffed with cheese

Grilled Halloumi 9000 LBP

Grilled halloumi cheese

Falafel plate 9.5 LBP

Homemade deep-fried balls made from ground chickpeas and fava beans with tahini-based sauce and turnips.

Sambousik Bellehmeh 9000 LBP

Lamb rissole with pine kernels

Quail Brids 26000 LBP

Your choice of char grilled or saut ed in lemon & garlic babe quail birds.

Meat Brochettes 27.5 LBP

Charcoal grilled tender cubes of specially prepared lamb with lebanese fries, onions & vegetables

Shish Taouk 20000 LBP

Charcoal grilled skewers of marinated chicken cubs served with lebanese fried, garlic dip & vegetables

Grilled Kafta 18.5 LBP

A blend of ground lean beef, onion, parsley, spices & herbs char grilled on a skewer with a mix of parsley, onions, sumac & lebanese fries

Mixed Grills 28 LBP

Skewers of kafta beed & chicken brochettes served with grilled vegetables & lebanese fries

Lamb Ctlets 31000 LBP

Specially prepared lamb cutlets grilled & served with fries.

Charcoal chicken breast 23000 LBP

Char grilled chicken breast marinated with beit nazha secret recipe served with grilled vegetables & potatoes

Entabli platter 19000 LBP

Special beit nazha chili receipy with lebanese potatoes & vegetables

Kafta Arayes 15.5 LBP

Baked lebanese pastry filled with seasoned minced lamb

Grilled Fish 26500 LBP

Char grilled fish served with beit nazhhaa secret sauce receipy & grilled vegetables