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Bou Melhem

Our story is that of an everlasting Lebanese tradition, one that our family has relentlessly perpetrated for decades, generation after generation…It is no secret that sacred Lebanese traditions are almost unfailingly associated to gatherings around never-ending family meals, savoring lavishly varied and exquisitely delectable specialties.Thus, we have grown to value and maintain our traditions by consistently meeting weekly around our family table to enjoy mouthwatering dishes that are generously prepared with love and mixed with the warmth of Lebanese hospitality. It wasn’t long before we have become passionate about passing on this culinary joy to the world, and have undertaken the mission to incorporate the real taste of Lebanon into every meal. Thus, in 2012, Bou Melhem was born.

Dress Code

Smart Casual


Dimtri El Hayek St. - Sin El Fil

Mount Lebanon

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 10:00am to 12:00am

Phone Number

+961 1497667

Hummos 5500 LBP

Moutabbal Batenjen 5500 LBP

Shanlish 6500 LBP

Vine Leaves 5000 LBP

Mohammara Bel Joz 8500 LBP

Foul Mdammas 6000 LBP

Balila 6000 LBP

Fattet Hummos 6500 LBP

Eggs & Awarma 8000 LBP

Eggs & Halloum 7000 LBP

Eggs & Potato 5500 LBP

Eggs & Tomato 5500 LBP

Stuffed Grilled Potatoes 7500 LBP

Rekakat 6000 LBP

Kebbeh 6500 LBP

Sambousek 6000 LBP

French fries 3000 LBP

Chich Taouk 14500 LBP

Served with fries, garlic and pickles

Chicken Wings 6000 LBP

Half Boneless Chicken 12500 LBP

Served with fries, garlic and pickles

Beef Grill 15500 LBP

Served with fries, garlic and pickles

Lamb Grill 17000 LBP

Served with fries, garlic and pickles

Kabab Grill 14000 LBP

Served with fries, garlic and pickles

Kafta Grill 14500 LBP

Served with fries, garlic and pickles

Mix Grill (0,5 Kg.) 34000 LBP

2 taouk, 2 meat, 2 kafta served with fries, garlic and pickles

Mix Girll (1 Kg.) 55000 LBP

4 taouk, 4 meat, 4 kafta served with fries, garlic and pickles

French Fries Sandwich 3500 LBP

Potatoes, coleslaw, pickles, ketchup

Tuna Sandwich 4500 LBP

Tuna, lettuce, corn, lemon, mayo

Grilled Halloumi Sandwich 5000 LBP

Grilled halloumi, rocket leaves, tomato, olives

Taouk Sandwich 5500 LBP

Taouk, French fries, coleslaw, garlic, pickles

Kabab Sandwich 5000 LBP

Kabab, hummos, tomato, onion, parsley

Meat Sandwich 6000 LBP

Meat, hummos, grilled tomatoes, onion, parsley

Chicken Sub Sandwich 7500 LBP

Marinated chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, pickles, garlic mayo

Chicken Fajita Sandwich 7500 LBP

Philly Steak Sandwich 8000 LBP

Grilled beef, tomato, pickles, lettuce, mayo

Makanek Sandwich 5000 LBP

Makanek, French fries, lemon, pickles

Chicken Liver 5500 LBP

Classic Pizza 12000 LBP

Cheese, ham, mushrooms, black olives, bell pepper

Margherita Pizza 10500 LBP

Cheese, fresh tomato, basil, rocca

Vegetarian Pizza 11500 LBP

Cheese, corn, mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, onion

Pepperoni Pizza 13000 LBP

Tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, basil

Classic Burger 5500 LBP

Beef, French fries, coleslaw, tomato, ketchup, pickles

Chicken Burger 6000 LBP

Chicken, French fries, lettuce, pickles, garlic mayo sauce

Cheeseburger 6500 LBP

Beef, cheese, French fries, coleslaw, tomato, ketchup, pickles

Fish Burger 7000 LBP

Fish, French fries, lettuce, pickles, tartar

Club Sandwich 11500 LBP

Chicken Escalope 16500 LBP

French fries, coleslaw, pickles

Chicken Quesadillas 11500 LBP

French fries, salad

Fish Fillet Pane 18000 LBP

French fries, tartar sauce, sauteed vegetables

Croque Monsieur 10000 LBP

Ham, cheese, French fries, tomato, pickles

Croque Madame 11000 LBP

Chicken, cheese, French fries, tomato, pickles

Cordon Bleu 17000 LBP

French fries, coleslaw

Cheese Mana'ish 3500 LBP

Cheese & Ham Mana'ish 4500 LBP

Cheese & Turkey Mana'ish 4500 LBP

Four Cheese Mana'ish 4250 LBP

Cheese w Sojok Mana'ish 5500 LBP

Lahme Bi Ajin Mana'ish 3000 LBP

Lahme Bi Ajin Mana'ish 3000 LBP

Kafta Mana'ish 5500 LBP

Tabbouleh 6000 LBP

fattoush 6500 LBP

Tuna Pasta Salad 9750 LBP

Corn, mushrooms, olives, lemon mayo dressing

Caesar Salad 9750 LBP

Chicken, croutons, parmesan, caesar dressing

Rocca Parmesan Salad 8750 LBP

Cherry tomato, mushroom, balsamic dressing

Crab Salad 11750 LBP

Iceberg, avocado, corn, mushroom, olives, cocktail dressing

Othmaliyeh 6500 LBP

Fruit Salad 5500 LBP

Meghli 5500 LBP

Mhalabiyeh 5500 LBP

Jello 3500 LBP

Ashta w Aasal 6500 LBP

Pepsi (33 cl.) 1500 LBP

Diet Pepsi (33 cl.) 1500 LBP

Mirinda (33 cl.) 1500 LBP

7Up (33 cl.) 1500 LBP

Diet 7Up (33 cl.) 1500 LBP

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