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Central Station Boutique Bar

Mar Mikhael International

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Central Station Boutique Bar

Central Station Boutique Bar first opened its doors in April 2013. The name Central Station referred to the old Beirut Station located in the Center of the capital. The aim of the bar was to bring the best classic cocktails back to the forefront of Beirut's drinking scene, whilst adding new flare and modern creativity to forgotten libations. Central Station is recognized for its innovative. We tend to play contemporary music with a lean towards Swing/Jazz/Blues. In addition to our rather tasty cocktail selection we serve an wide selection of appetizing and tasty food.

Dress Code

Smart Casual


Tyan Building, Armenia Street, Mar Mikhael

Mar Mikhael

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 6:00pm to 2:00am

Phone Number

+961 71736737

Asian Nems 24000 LBP

Rice paper crammed with crispy vegetables & freshwater shrimps. Served with sweet chili dip

Dynamite shrimps 23500 LBP

Crispy deep fried shrimps glazed with Dynamite sauce topped with spring onions.

Warm mozzarella di bufala di campana 27000 LBP

Warm mozzarella cheese and tomato, with rocket, cherry tomato, pine seeds and basil pesto.

Salmon Carpaccio 24500 LBP

Smoked Salmon slices topped with mesclun, capers, green onion and avocado cubes. Served with lemon oil dressing

Grilled Calamari 23500 LBP

Citrus & herb marinated grilled calamari (240gr), served with Fully Dressed Guacamole & mini salad dressed with wasabi dressing

White Grouper and Tuna Tartar 30000 LBP

White grouper and apple tartar, tuna chorizo tartar and avocado mousse with lime and oil dressing

Buffalo Breaded Chicken Tenders 25000 LBP

Corn flakes breaded chicken tenders, glazed with Louisiana BBQ sauce, served with carrots, cucumber sticks & Central Station’s dip

Cheese Briwat 12500 LBP

Trilogy of Feta, Edam and Halloumi cheese with fresh organic herbs. Wrapped in feuilles de brick. Served with apple purée.

Salmon Mini Burgers 27500 LBP

Our home made fresh salmon patty, fresh organic rocket, capers, lemon segments, granny smith apple, red onion and yuzu wasabi sauce

Chicken wrap 18500 LBP

Marinated grilled chicken breast, tortilla bread, tomato, fresh organic rocket, grilled red onion and cheddar cheese. Served with Roasted garlic mayo dip

Sushi Inspiration 245 LBP

Sushi cake stuffed with crab, avocado and sesame. Served with shrimps, salmon sashimi and wasabi

Shrimps Ceviche 24500 LBP

Pink shrimp tartar with mango and lime, topped with avocado puree, served in a coupe

Edamame 10000 LBP

French Fries 12000 LBP


Crispy flour tortillas stuffed with re-fried beans & cheddar cheese. Served with fully dressed guacamole & sour cream.

Chicken Quesadillas 19500 LBP

Beef Quesadillas 19500 LBP

Shrimps Quesadillas 21000 LBP

Steak Salad 22500 LBP

Grilled marinated steak with mixed lettuce, blue cheese, Pecan nuts, apple slices and toasted baguette. Served with blue cheese dressing

Chicken Salad 24500 LBP

Grilled marinated chicken breast with mixed lettuce, Parisian mushrooms, ginger, kidney beans, baby corn, cherry tomato, almonds & Fresh asparagus. Served with Truffled Dijon vinaigrette

Salmon Sashimi Salad 30000 LBP

Fresh salmon sashimi with mixed lettuce, Parisian mushroom, sucrine, fresh asparagus, almond, grape fruit, soya beans, kumquat and snow peas. Served with Cream Cheese Wasabi Dressing

Asparagus and artichoke salad 26000 LBP

Fresh green asparagus, marinated artichoke, mesclun and fresh mushrooms. Served with Truffled Dijon vinaigrette

Quinoa Nicoise 28000 LBP

Organic Peruvian quinoa, herbal fresh tuna Tataki, tomato, onion, parsley leaves, cucumber, black olives, potato, snow peas, quail eggs, chives and yuzu dressing

Green Lentil Salad 22500 LBP

Green lentil, cooked rhubarb and beetroot, mixed green herbs and grilled Halloumi. Served with rhubarb and beetroot vinaigrette

Grilled Halloumi and Eggplant 22500 LBP

Grilled Halloumi and eggplant on a green salad with basil pesto and lemon dressing.

Bresaola, Rocket and Parmigiano salad 22500 LBP

Served with olive oil dip

Grilled Cube Roll 48000 LBP

Beef cube roll grilled to client’s doneness preference, sautéed mushroom, broccoli, corn cob, French fries and sauce of choice

Cajun Rubbed Char Grilled Chicken Breast 31000 LBP

Cajun marinated chicken breast, sautéed mushrooms, broccoli, corn cob and French fries. Served with BBQ sauce

Central Station Hamburguesa (220 Gr) 28000 LBP

Central Station’s unique house patty in a soft bun with tomato, red onion, cheddar cheese. Served with French fries and BBQ sauce

Argentinean Angus Beef Tenderloin 48000 LBP

Angus beef tenderloin grilled to your satisfaction with grilled mushrooms, broccoli, corn cob and French fries with your choice of pepper or mushroom sauce

Grilled Salmon with Passion Sauce 38000 LBP

Grilled fresh salmon fillet served with cauliflower puree, sautéed baby vegetables, Passion fruit & Lillet sauce

Sugar Waffle 12500 LBP

Our special homemade waffle with your desired topping: Speculoos or Chocolate spread

Ice cream jars 3500 LBP

Ask your waiter for flavors

Cheese Cake 12500 LBP

Ask your waiter for topping

Chocolate Dessert 12500 LBP

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