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Feluka Seafood Restaurant and Wine Bar

Sporting Club Mediterranean , Middle-Eastern , Seafood

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Hummus 8500 LBP

chickpea dip

Hummus 16000 LBP

meat & pine nuts

Mutabal 8500 LBP

eggplant dip

Eggplant 8500 LBP

Raheb salad

Stuffed Vine. Leaves 9000 LBP

Sauteed Hindbeh 8500 LBP

Foul 9000 LBP

Bean dip

Balila 9000 LBP

Chickpea dip

Shanklish 9000 LBP

Cheese crumbles

Labneh Feluka style 8500 LBP

Garlic pasted tomato 7500 LBP

Feluka style pickles 7000 LBP

Olives 6500 LBP

Vegetable platter 21000 LBP

Tabouleh 8500 LBP

Mixed Salad (Arabic style) 8500 LBP

Fattoush 8500 LBP

Lebanese salad

Zaatar salad 8500 LBP

Rokka Salad 8500 LBP

Octopus Salad 20000 LBP

Eggplant Fleuka 9500 LBP

Cauliflower Feluka 9500 LBP

Chips provencale 9500 LBP

French fried 9000 LBP

Sujok 19000 LBP

Spicy sausage

Makanek 19000 LBP


Chicken wings provencale 19000 LBP

Shrimp eggplant fatteh 22000 LBP

Sardine fritters 21000 LBP

Fish Kibbe 15000 LBP

Shrimp provencale 20000 LBP

Baby Calamari provencale 18000 LBP

breaded Calamari 18000 LBP

Tajen (fish in tahini sauce) 18000 LBP

batrakh Feluka 24000 LBP

Cuttle risk ln ink 18000 LBP

Grilled Octopus 20000 LBP

Salmon Ceviche 35000 LBP

Shrimps Ceviche 22000 LBP

Fatet Eggplant 14000 LBP

Grilled Calamari 21000 LBP

Octopus Provencale 20000 LBP

Octopus Carpaccio 20000 LBP

Octopus Tacos 20000 LBP

Baby Shrimps Panne 22000 LBP

Quinoa Seafood Kebbe 15000 LBP

Salmon Tacos 20000 LBP

Sashimi - Raw Fish 18000 LBP

Kebbe 2500 LBP

Sambusek (minced meat) 2500 LBP

Fatayer (Spinach triangles) 2500 LBP

Rkakat (Feta in filo dough) 2500 LBP

Fried Sultan Ibrahim

Fried Malifa

Fried Brak

Fried Faridi

Fried Small Loukouz

Grilled Loukouz

Grilled Brak

Grilled Shrimps

Bonless chicken 1/2 22000 LBP

Chicken kebab 22000 LBP

Kafta Kebab 22000 LBP

Lamb Filet 26000 LBP

Mixed Kebab 26000 LBP

Filet De Bar Belle Meuniere 27000 LBP

Filet de veaux au poivre 35000 LBP

Filet de veaux marine 35000 LBP

Fruits of the season 10000 LBP

Arabic sweets 10000 LBP

Osmlieyh, Aysh el saray, Katayed with nuts (deep fried)

Ice Cream sorbets 2500 LBP

Per scoop

Siyadieh Plate 39000 LBP

Classic 18000 LBP

Honey / Flavored 16000 LBP

Packed 14000 LBP