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June Beach Resort

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June Beach Resort

Dear June,
As life unfolds before my eyes everyday, I find myself longing for you, and your awe-inspiring sunsets. I crave your beautiful stretched days filled with sunlight and rays of hope and laughter. Everything seems to be on pause yet miraculously happening at the same time. So I stand before you, saying thank you... for teaching me to hopelessly love and fearlessly live, to embrace the chaos in my soul and adore the peacefulness in your skies. I will forever be grateful to you for showing me that you can truly be a part of me - of my heart and of my soul. You will always be my state of mind... So when everything else fails me, when the weight of life is relentlessly pushing me down, and when the worries are far too grand, I will look at the June in me. Your scent secretly lingers on every day throughout the year and you never seem to disappoint; you are my beacon of hope, my everlasting, fearless attitude. We’ll always have you... We’ll always have June. With love.



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Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 10:00am to 2:00am

Phone Number

+971 70553399

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