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Kamoun Restaurant

Mar Mikhael Lebanese

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Kamoun Restaurant

Nested in lively Mar Mikheal, "KAMOUN" brings together traditional Lebanese dishes with the modern and contemporary clientele of our times, in a vintage ambiance blending Old Beirut's elegance with a modern look and feel. A first of its kind, "KAMOUN" is a Lebanese Bistro, open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, 8am until 2am, and is home for a mouthwatering menu featuring "Foul", "Fatteh", and "Hommos" dishes as well as daily specials (Plats Du Jour) for lunch! After a long day at work, visit "KAMOUN" for an arguileh, a cup of coffee or fresh juice, and why not challenge a friend over a Backgammon game? "KAMOUN", Arabic word for Cumin, is an aromatic spice with a distinctive bitter flavor and strong, warm aroma due to its abundant oil content. It is famous for being one of the most popular ingredients in the Lebanese cuisine culture, not only because of the flavor it provides, but also because of its health benefits, among which are digestion and immunity against diabetes, insomnia, common colds, anemia, and cancer.

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Armenia St.

Mar Mikhael

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 8:00am to 2:00am

Phone Number

+961 1584111

Breakfast Kamoun (for 2) 25000 LBP

Foul, Fatteh Hammos, Eggs, Vegetables, 2 Beverages

The Breakfast (for 2) 25000 LBP

Grilled Halloum, Labneh , Jams, Eggs, Olives, Vegetables, 2 beverages

Rocca 6000 LBP

Kamoun 6000 LBP

Halloum 7500 LBP

Fattouch 7500 LBP

Tabbouleh 7500 LBP

Potatoes 6000 LBP

Cheese Mix 5000 LBP

Halloum 6000 LBP

Turkey & cheese 7000 LBP

Fatteh (yogurt) 8000 LBP

Fatteh (Hommos) 8000 LBP

Fatteh (Batenjen) 8000 LBP

Fatteh (Mawzet) 12000 LBP

Fatteh (chicken) 12000 LBP

Fatteh (Lsenet) 12000 LBP

Fatteh (Mkadem) 12000 LBP

Hommos 6000 LBP

Hommos with Meat & Kenels 9000 LBP

Baliliah 5000 LBP

Msabaha 6000 LBP

Foul & Hommos 6000 LBP

Foul Beirouti 6000 LBP

Foul Kamoun 6000 LBP

Foul 6000 LBP

Riz B Halib 4000 LBP

Meghli 4000 LBP

Chocolate Kallita 6000 LBP

Soft Drinks 1500 LBP

Energy Drinks 4000 LBP

Iced Tea 2000 LBP

Mineral Water (small) 1000 LBP

Mineral Water (Large) 2000 LBP

Parrier 3500 LBP

Fresh Orange Juice 5000 LBP

Rose Water 4000 LBP

Bluberry 4000 LBP

Jallab 4000 LBP

Dish Of The Day

L.L 15,000 or L.L 18,000


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