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Tabarja Seafood

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At L’ancre we understand that some palates are more sophisticated than others. That is why our staff are more than happy to guide you through our daily selection of freshly caught seafood. And with the soft lull of the Tabarja waves in the background, the setup alone will guarantee that your experience is quite unique. We don’t believe in meals; we believe in fine dining.

Dress Code

Smart Casual


Seaside Road


Opening Hours

Mon - Sun:12:00pm to 12:00am

Phone Number

+961 9855724

Bisque de Crevettes 22000 LBP

Bouillabaisse (chaque Mercredi) 22000 LBP

Fattouche 8000 LBP

Thbouli 7500 LBP

Hommos 7500 LBP

Moutabal 8000 LBP

Feuilles de vigne 9000 LBP

Hendbe 7500 LBP

Tajin 10000 LBP

Fruits de mer marines 23000 LBP

Saumon tartar 25000 LBP

Batrakh 40000 LBP

Calamars a la provencale 24000 LBP

Crevettes a la provencale 27500 LBP

Pieuvre sautee 25000 LBP

Seiche (spicialite tancre) 26000 LBP

Moules gratinees a la creme 19000 LBP

moules gratinles a la sauce tomate 18000 LBP

Kibbet sammak(6 pieces) 21000 LBP

Calamars et Crevettes pants 23000 LBP

Pommes de terre a la coriandre 9000 LBP

Frites 8500 LBP

Calamars grilles 38000 LBP

Crevettes grillees 44000 LBP

Filet de Saumon aux epinards 42000 LBP

Paella aux fruits de mer 45000 LBP

Cnu,frits, grilles, gros sel

Assortiment de fruits 15000 LBP

Selection dessert orientales 18000 LBP

(Mouhallabiyeh, custard biscuit et raha)


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