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Osaka Sushi Lounge

Kantari Street Japanese

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Osaka Sushi Lounge

Osaka sushi lounge offers unequivocally the widest selection of Sushi in Beirut. The effort invested in handpicking the freshest fish and finest ingredients as well as the attention and care of the Chef and his team guarantees an unforgettable dining experience. Whether it's for a business lunch or dinner with friends Osaka’s trendy atmosphere and friendly staff promises a remarkable time. Osaka offers a beautiful private dining room, which can accommodate you and your guests and enjoy an evening surrounded by authentic Japanese décor and private waiters.

Dress Code

Smart Casual


Mina el Hosn

Kantari Street

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun:
12:00pm to 4:00pm
7:00pm to 11:00pm

Phone Number

+961 1360630

Edamame 10 LBP

Chili Edamame 11 LBP

Suzukuri 24 LBP

thin slices of tuna, salmon, white fish with togarashi, spring onion

Takwan 11 LBP

japanese yellow radish ,lemon, togarashi, nori

Beef Asparagus Roll 19 LBP

Black Cod Shimeji 25 LBP

Chicken Yakitori 15 LBP

chicken, red pepper, onion

Shrimp Yakitori 20 LBP

shrimps, red pepper, onion

Tuna Vinegared 24 LBP

breaded tuna, carrot,onion leek, togarashi

Tai Kara Age 24 LBP

white fish, lemon,teriyaki sauce

Salmon Tataki 19 LBP

salmon, lemon, garlic,spring onion, togarashi

Tuna Tataki 21 LBP

tuna, lemon, garlic,spring onion, togarashi

Thai Roll 24 LBP

white fish, lemon,green onion, togarashi

Salmon Salad 19 LBP

lettuce, salmon, japanese mayo,green tobiko, cucumber, rocca

Osaka Kani salad 18 LBP

crab, cucumber, tempura flakes,nori, ebiko, japanese mayo

Yasai Salad 10 LBP

lettuce, carrot, cherry tomato, pomelo, mushroom,mango, rocca, sesame sauce, yellow pepper

Mixed Ceviche Salad 27 LBP

white fish, scallops, shrimps,octopus,cherry tomato, sesame seeds, togarashi

Mango Avocado Salmon Salad 20 LBP

salmon, avocado, mango,teriyaki sauce, tempura flakes

Spicy Crispy Salmon Salad 24 LBP

salmon, special sauce, tempura flakes

Spicy Crispy Tuna Salad 24 LBP

tuna, special sauce, tempura flakes

Seafood Salad 23 LBP

octopus, scallops, salmon, white fish,shrimps, mixed lettuce, cucumber,carrot, green tobiko, ebiko

Sashimi Salmon Salad 23 LBP

salmon, green tobiko, sashimi,sauce, togarashi, spring onion

Sashimi Tuna Salad 23 LBP

tuna,black tobiko,sashimi,sauce,togarashi,spring onion

Marinated Salmon Salad 27 LBP

Wakame Salad 19 LBP

wakame, cucumber, squid,shrimps, carrot, togarashi

Breaded Calamari 19 LBP

Crunchy Almond Crab Stick Tempura 19 LBP

Crunchy Almond Shrimp Tempura 33 LBP

Kushi Ebi Tempura 29 LBP

Mushroom and Shrimp Tempura 21 LBP

Breaded Sea Scallops Tempura 28 LBP

Shrimp Tempura 28 LBP

Crispy Squid Tempura 13 LBP

Vegetable Tempura 17 LBP

Miso Soup 8 LBP

zucchini, carrot, wakame,tofu, spring onion

Miso Soup With Crab / Salmon 11 LBP

tofu, wakame, spring onion,crab or salmon

Seafood Ramen Soup 13 LBP

shrimps, sea scallops,white fish, crab, spinach

Soba Soup 11 LBP

soba noodles, shrimps tempura,onion leeks

Udon Soup 11 LBP

udon noodles, shrimps tempura,onion leeks

Kani - Crab

3pcs is L.L. 10,000
5pcs is L.L. 14,000

Shake - Salmon

3pcs is L.L. 14,000
5pcs is L.L. 18,000

Unagi - Fresh Water Eel

3pcs is L.L. 19,000
5pcs is L.L. 24,000

Hiramasa - White Fish

3pcs is L.L. 14,000
5pcs is L.L. 18,000

Hokkigai - Surf Clam

3pcs is L.L. 15,000
5pcs is L.L. 19,000

Shimesaba - Mackerel

3pcs is L.L. 12,000
5pcs is L.L. 18,000

Tako - Octopus

3pcs is L.L. 12,000
5pcs is L.L. 19,000

Maguro - Tuna

3pcs is L.L. 16,000
5pcs is L.L. 20,000

Toro - Tuna Belly

3pcs is L.L. 27,000
5pcs is L.L. 37,000

Tai - Red Snapper

3pcs is L.L. 17,000
5pcs is L.L. 22,000

Hotategai - Sea Scallops

3pcs is L.L. 20,000
5pcs is L.L. 25,000

Hamachi - Yellow Tail

3pcs is L.L. 20,000
5pcs is L.L. 25,000

Ebi - Shrimp

3pcs is L.L. 12,000
5pcs is L.L. 18,000

Ika - Squid

3pcs is L.L. 12,000
5pcs is L.L. 15,000

Ebiko - Lobster Roe 16 LBP


Ikura - Salmon Roe 22 LBP


Tobiko - Flying Fish Roe 15 LBP


Uni - Sea Urchin 21 LBP


Kani - Crab 9 LBP

Shake - Salmon 12 LBP

Unagi - Fresh Water Eel 16 LBP

Hiramasa - White Fish 13 LBP

Hokkigai - Surf Clam 13 LBP

Shimesaba - Mackerel 10 LBP

Tako - Octopus 11 LBP

Maguro - Tuna 14 LBP

Toro - Tuna Belly 19 LBP

Tai - Red Snapper 15 LBP

Hotategai - Sea Scallops 18 LBP

Hamachi - Yellow Tail 17 LBP

Ebi - Shrimp 11 LBP

Ika - Squid 11 LBP

Ark Shell 16 LBP

ark shell, osaka sauce,tempura flakes, green tobiko

Ebiko 16 LBP

lobster roe, lemon

Ikura 24 LBP

salmon roe, lemon

Osaka Lounge 1 16 LBP

shrimps, osaka sauce,spring onion, ebiko

Osaka Lounge 2 20 LBP

yellow tail, salmon, osaka sauce, spring onion,ebiko

Osaka Lounge 3 20 LBP

sea scallops, osaka sauce, spring onion

Sea Urchin 21 LBP

sea urchin, lemon

Tasca 16 LBP

salmon, sea scallops, osaka sauce,octopus, orange tobiko, green tobiko

Tobiko 15 LBP

flying fish roe, lemon

California 11 LBP

crab, avocado, lettuce,ebiko, japanese mayo

Okasaki 15 LBP

crab, salmon, avocado,crispy flakes, tobiko

Osaka 12 LBP

Flying fish roe, shrimps togarashi, spring onion

Osaka Special 13 LBP

tuna, salmon, special sauce,spring onion

Crazy Eel 17 LBP

crab, avocado, eel, sesame,teriyaki sauce

Salmon Skin Kawa 13 LBP

salmon skin, special sauce

Special Salmon 15 LBP

avocado, salmon, special sauce, tempura sauce

Spicy Salmon 13 LBP

salmon, togarashi

Spicy Tuna 15 LBP

tuna, togarashi

Breaded Shrimp 12 LBP

shrimps, breaded crumbs,avocado, ebiko

Fuji 13 LBP

shrimps, scallops, tobiko,spring onion, cucumber

California 18 LBP

ebiko, crab, avocado,lettuce, japanese mayo

Crazy Salmon 19 LBP

shrimps, salmon, avocado,special sauce, tempura flakes

Crispy 18 LBP

crab, shrimps, tempura flakes, japanese mayo

Dragon Roll 22 LBP

shrimp fry, lettuce, dragon sauce, avocado, tobiko

Dynamite 22 LBP

salmon, tuna, osaka special sauce cucumber, eel, crab, sesame seeds

Ebi Tempura Roll 22 LBP

shrimps tempura, cucumber, ebiko

Empire Roll 21 LBP

breaded tuna, philadelphia cheese,avocado, tuna, green tobiko

Green Roll 25 LBP

crab, eel, philadelphia cheese,salmon, teriyaki sauce, green tobiko

Ichigo 21 LBP

salmon, salmon skin, carrot,philadelphia cheese, ikura

Jari Jari 18 LBP

crab, shrimps, carrot, lettuce,cucumber, tobiko, tempura flakes

Uni Maki 27 LBP

sea urchin, tuna, salmon, red snapper,creamy sauce, cucumber, chives cherry tomato, lemon

Flamed Salmon 26 LBP

salmon, Hiramasa, shrimps, cucumber ,crab, avocado, philadelphia cheese tobiko, osaka special sauce

Kani Salada 18 LBP

crab, lettuce, shrimps, mango,green tobiko, red tobiko, mayo

Maguro Special 20 LBP

tuna, avocado, special sauce,tempura flakes

Manhattan 20 LBP

salmon skin, yellow tail,grilled salmon, special sauce

Green Lotus 26 LBP

salmon, Hamachi, crab, cucumber,creamy sauce, togarashi, avocado

Crispy Smoked Salmon 24 LBP

Smoked salmon, shrimps,avocado, crispy flakes

Osaka Sensation 27 LBP

Breaded crab, smoked salmon, avocado,tobiko, asparagus, special sauce

Dancing Eel 36 LBP

eel, crab, avocado, cucumber,sesame seeds, teriyaki sauce

Flying Salmon 25 LBP

Salmon, crab, cucumber,avocado, togarashi

Mixed Seafood Roll 22 LBP

crab, shrimps, squid, ebiko,special sauce, tempura flakes

Naked Roll 20 LBP

shrimps, tuna, crab, salmon,avocado, special sauce, black tobiko

Open Style California 18 LBP

crab, ebiko, japanese mayo,cucumber, lettuce, avocado

Osaka Box Club 24 LBP

shrimps, tuna, salmon,avocado, special sauce

Osaka Special 1 26 LBP

shrimp tempura, cucumber,eel, sesame seeds

Osaka Special 2 24 LBP

shrimp tempura,cucumber,salmon

Rainbow 24 LBP

salmon, white fish, tuna, shrimp,avocado, eel, cucumber, salmon

Red Chili Roll 18 LBP

breaded red pepper, philadelphia cheese, cucumber, crab, togarashi, green,tobiko,tempura flakes

Salmon Cheese 20 LBP

philadelphia cheese, avocado,shrimps, cucumber, salmon

Shabiche 22 LBP

salmon, philadelphia cheese,eel, shrimps, teriyaki sauce

Shake Special 20 LBP

salmon,avocado,special sauce,tempura flakes

Shitake Roll 22 LBP

breaded red snapper,shitake mushroom, shrimp, special sauce

Shrimp Monks 22 LBP

breaded shrimp, cucumber, avocado,sesame seeds, shrimps, teriyaki sauce

Special Hottategai 20 LBP

sea scallops, avocado,special sauce, tempura flakes

Tri Fish 20 LBP

salmon, tuna, white fish,avocado, special sauce

Unagi Special 20 LBP

eel, avocado, special sauce,tempura flakes

Crab 13 LBP

Cucumber 8 LBP

Eel 20 LBP

Avocado 11 LBP

Salmon Skin 18 LBP

Shrimp 14 LBP

Spicy Salmon 16 LBP

Spicy Tuna 16 LBP

Classical Sashimi (15pcs) 75 LBP

salmon, tuna, Hiramasa,shrimps, Red Snapper

Imperial Sashimi (22pcs) 109 LBP

Red Snapper, salmon, octopus, scallops,ikura, uni, mackerel, shrimps

Asahi (18pcs) 85 LBP

Sushi: salmon, tuna 4pcs
Maki: open-style california, dynamite
green lotus, Osaka sensation 12pcs
(Gunkan: osaka lounge 1, osaka lounge 3 (2pcs)

Salmon Sensation (16pcs) 75 LBP

Sushi: salmon 2pcs Sashimi: salmon 3pcs
Maki: salmon cheese, crazy salmon, shabichi 9pcs
(Gunkan: osaka lounge 2 (2pcs

Little Osaka (30pcs) 115 LBP

Maki: green lotus, dancing eel, crispy smoked salmon
flamed salmon, open-style california, dragon roll 18pcs
Sashimi: salmon, tuna, shrimps, white fish 12pcs

Miyoshi (50pcs) 165 LBP

Sushi: salmon, tuna, shrimps, red snapper 8pcs
Sashimi: salmon, tuna, Hiramasa, crab 12pcs
Maki: dancing eel, green lotus, dynamite, flying salmon, crispy
smoked salmon, california, crispy maki, kani salada 24pcs

Osaka Classical Boat (26pcs) 85 LBP

Sushi: salmon, tuna, shrimps, crab 8pcs
Maki: california, salmon, avocado 18pcs

Osaka Special Boat (28pcs) 109 LBP

Sashimi: tuna, white fish, salmon, squid 12pcs
Sushi: salmon, yellow tail, tuna, eel 8pcs
Maki: california, crispy 8pcs

Mixed Maki Boat (26pcs 95 LBP

Maki: crispy, california, jari jari, crazy salmon
spicy salmon, spicy tuna 18pcs
Dragon Roll 6pcs Sushi: Salmon 2pcs

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