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Karam Beirut, Jeddah Boulevard

Al Rawdah Lebanese , Middle-Eastern

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Various Pickles 27 SAR

selection of "homemade" pickles (36 Cal)

Hommos 35 SAR

Traditional chickpea dip with sesame paste and olive oil (494Cal)

Hommos Karam Beirut 41 SAR

Hommos and chopped fresh garden vegetables with Lebanese spices (501 Cal)

Beiruti Hommos 37 SAR

Chickpea dip with whole fava beans, parsley and olive oil (499 Cal )

Moutabbal 37 SAR

Eggplant "baba ghanouj" dip with sesame paste and olive oil (377 Cal )

Eggplant Salad 39 SAR

Roasted eggplant mixed with fresh vegetables, olive oil and lemon (350 Cal)

Tabbouleh 35 SAR

Lebanon signature parsley and salad with fresh tomatoes, mint, cracked wheat, olive oil and lemon juice (213 Cal / Lebanon signature parsley and salad with fresh tomatoes, mint, cracked wheat, olive oil and lemon juice (213 Cal )

Fattoush 39 SAR

A refreshing mix of greens, tomato, sumac and toasted pita croutons (331 Cal)

Oriental Salad 35 SAR

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and herbs dressed in olive oil and lemon (310 Cal)

Arugula (Rocket) Salad 37 SAR

Rocket leaves with onion, cherry tomatoes, olive oil and lemon (185 Cal )

Stuffed Vine Leaves 39 SAR

Fresh grape leaves filled with a tangy rice mixture (403 Cal)

Hindbeh 39 SAR

Cooked dandelion greens topped with caramelized onions served with lemon wedges (414 Cal)

Shanklish 37 SAR

Sharp goat's cheese served with onion, tomato, green pepper, olive oil and parsley (460 Cal)

Warm Vine Leaves With Yogurt 43 SAR

Warm leaves served with yogurt in rose petal flower (294 Cal)

Garlic Labneh 35 SAR

Tangy strained yogurt with a hint of garlic topped with olive oil (544 Cal)

Stuffed Spicy Eggplant With Yogurt 43 SAR

Stuffed spicy eggplant served with yogurt in rose petal flower (315 Cal)

Green Beans 39 SAR

Served in a tasty tomato-onion sauce (385 Cal)

Okra 37 SAR

Okra cooked and marinated in olive oil, tomato paste and coriander (385 Cal )

Eggplant Mousaqa 37 SAR

A ratatouille of eggplant, tomato, whole chickpeas and olive oil (418 Cal)

Mouhamara 39 SAR

A red dip made with bread crumbs, hot peppers, sweet peppers, walnuts and almonds (733 Cal)

Beetroot Moutabal 43 SAR

Roasted beetroot, sesame paste, olive oil, lemon juice (652 Cal)

Kibbeh Nayeh 75 SAR

Raw lamb meat with cracked wheat (416 Cal)

Kibbeh Nayeh Aleppo Style 75 SAR

Prepared with a special mix of spices (470 Cal)

Meat And Pine Nuts Hommos 53 SAR

Chickpea hommos topped with minced meat and fried pine nuts (662 Cal)

Cheese Rolls 37 SAR

White cheese with a touch of parsley wrapped in thin dough and fried to perfection (720 Cal)

Sambousek 37 SAR

Savory pies stuffed with minced meat (620 Cal)

Spinach Fatayer 33 SAR

Pastry triangles filled with a tangy spinach-onion mix (510 Cal)

Fried Kibbeh 41 SAR

Crispy meat and cracked wheat shell stuffed with a delicious filling of minced meat and pine nuts (735 Cal)

Mixed Savory Pies 47 SAR

(682 Cal)

Fried Potatoes 33 SAR

Authentic French-fried potatoes (730 Cal)

Spicy Potatoes 37 SAR

Mouth-watering potato cubes fried with a piquant spice, coriander and garlic (382 Cal)

Makanek 53 SAR

"Homemade" baby sausages (1063 Cal)

Sojok 53 SAR

Homemade" spicy sausages (1075 Cal)

Filet Ras Asfour 69 SAR

Finely diced filet of lamb with lemon and garlic (582 cal)

Hommos Fatteh 51 SAR

Chickpea-yogurt dish with authentic pita bread croutons, sautéed pine nuts, ghee and a hint of garlic (1082 Cal)

Hommos Eggplant Fatteh 55 SAR

Chickpeas, eggplant and minced meat with pita croutons in yogurt and a bit of garlic, topped with ghee and pine nuts (1193 Cal)

Chicken Fatteh 53 SAR

Our hearty hommos fatteh with tender chicken pieces (1075 Cal )

Grilled Halloumi Cheese 53 SAR

Grilled halloumi cheese with marinated tomatoes and an olive salad (773 Cal)

Shrimps Fatteh 69 SAR

Sautéed marinated shrimps, yogurt with pita bread and minced coriander, pine nuts and chickpeas (1044 Cal)

Chich Barak Fatteh 55 SAR

Chich barak, chickpeas, pita bread, yogurt, minced coriander and pine nuts (1152 Cal)

Chicken Liver 47 SAR

Quality chicken liver sautéed in pomegranate syrup (471 Cal)

Mini Kibbeh With Cherry 55 SAR

Mini kibbeh stuffed with minced meat in cherry sauce and pine nuts (742 Cal)

White Rice 18 SAR

Steamed white rice served with pine nuts (389 Cal)

Lentil Soup 39 SAR

(330 Cal)

Vegetable Soup 37 SAR

(105 Cal)

Cream Of Chicken Soup 43 SAR

(395 Cal)

Chicken Mushroom Soup 43 SAR

(348 Cal)

Grilled Jumbo Shrimps 121 SAR

Large shrimps grilled and served with two kinds of sauce (233 Cal)

Baby Hamour 109 SAR

Small hamour fish served with special sauce (381 Cal)

Salmon Filet 105 SAR

Grilled salmon with steamed vegetables and virgin olive oil (495 Cal)

Shrimp Platter 77 SAR

Shrimps served Provençale or breaded (245 Cal)

Breaded Shrimps 89 SAR

Shrimps served breaded (350 Cal)

Shish Taouk 95 SAR

Grilled marinated chicken pieces on skewers (623 Cal)

Whole Boneless Chicken 95 SAR

A whole de-boned chicken grilled the Lebanese way (844 Cal)

Chicken Kabab 83 SAR

Minced )chicken breast with special herbs (640 Cal

Grilled Meat 105 SAR

Grilled boneless pieces of tender meat (703 Cal)

Grilled Spicy Meat 107 SAR

Our grilled pieces with a hot sauce done "Tirbali" style (723 Cal)

Lamb Cutlets 107 SAR

Grilled delicate lamb cutlets (626 Cal)

Spicy Lamb Cutlets 109 SAR

Our excellent lamb cutlets marinated in a hot sauce "Tirbali" style (659 Cal)

Kabab 87 SAR

Grilled lamb mince served on skewers (830 Cal)

Karam Kabab 87 SAR

Kabab stuffed with melted cheese and pistachios, served with grilled tomatoes and grilled potatoes (980 Cal)

Khesh Khash Kabab 93 SAR

Delicately spiced lamb mince with a hint of garlic in a grilled-tomato sauce (732 Cal)

Kabab Antabli 93 SAR

A rich kabab dish made with green bell pepper, eggplant and a special mix of herbs (748 Cal)

Eggplant Kabab 93 SAR

A delicious combination of meat and eggplant (792 Cal)

Kabab In Yogurt 93 SAR

Served with toasted pita bread in a garlic-yogurt base (740 Cal)

Kabab With Cherry 97 SAR

Sautéed kabab balls in cherry sauce and pine nuts (530 Cal)

Arayess 87 SAR

Crispy buttered pita stuffed and baked with minced meat and parsley (605 Cal )

Mixed Grill 109 SAR

A sumptuous assortment of grilled meats (827 Cal)

Ashta With Honey 47 SAR

Lebanese-style clotted cream topped with honey and almonds (576 Cal)

Halawet El Jiban 43 SAR

Lebanese-style dessert of clotted cream wrapped in a sweet cheese and semolina dough (408 Cal)

Othmalieh 41 SAR

Arabic clotted cream between two layers of toasted vermicelli crust served with orange-blossom syrup (794 Cal)

Ghazalye 47 SAR

Mouhalabieh, ghazal, Lotus biscuit crust with caramel sauce (680 Cal)

Mixed Baklava 43 SAR

Assorted plate of baklavas made with paper-thin dough and various fine nuts (779 Cal)

Umm Ali 51 SAR

An eastern creamy version of bread pudding with nuts, milk and sweet bread (725 Cal)

Knefe Nabolsiya 51 SAR

A delicious homemade dessert with cheese between two layers served with ashta ice cream scoop (532 Cal)

Fruit Platter 51 SAR

A variety of fresh, succulent fruits in season (440 Cal)

Exotic Fruit Platter 99 SAR

Assorted selection of fresh fruits, pinapple, kiwi and mango (336 Cal)

Ashta Bil Ashta 51 SAR

Ashta ice cream topped with Strawberry jam and fresh ashta (770 Cal)