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Toki Restaurant - Riyadh

Riyadh Asian , Chinese

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Toki Restaurant - Riyadh

Toki serves exquisitely authentic Chinese and Asian cuisine, offering a wide variety of traditional and contemporary dishes to give you an unrivaled fusion of truly exotic and mouthwatering flavors from the East.
Our cuisine remains firmly classic and innovative in the hands of our Chinese specialty chefs who offer a combination of Cantonese Schwan cooking methods with modern influences whilst never compromising taste or quality.
We continue to enjoy the reputation of being the most popular Chinese dining destination in town.


Fine Dining

Dress Code

Smart Casual

Executive Chef

Peter Lau


Prince Turki Ibn Abdulaziz Al Awwal Rd, Hittin


Opening Hours

Sun - Sat: 12:00pm to 3:30pm | 7:00pm to 11:00pm

Phone Number

+966 557444626

Crystal Shrimp Dumplings 55 SAR

Ginger and Spring Onion Paste

Crispy Snow-Baked Edamame 55 SAR

Sea Salt or Szechwan Sauce (S)

Aromatic Crispy Duck & Raspberry Salad 110 SAR

Apricot Pepper Dressing (G)

Crispy Prawn with Wasabi Mayo Dressing 115 SAR

Seaweed & Lime Juice (G)/(S)

New-Style Salmon Sashimi 150 SAR

Szechwan Truffle Sauce and Papaya Slaw (S)

Seasame Prawn Toast 65 SAR

with Hoisin Mayo Dip

Baked Angus Beef Roll with Wasabi BBQ Sauce 85 SAR

with Market Vegetables

Szechwan Aromatic Crispy Duck 175 SAR

Half Duck with Plum Sauce and Housemade Pancakes

Steamed Fresh Najel Filet 150 SAR

Ginger & Spring Onion in Superior Soy Sauce

Kung Po Chicken 110 SAR

Cashew Nuts, Dried Chili, Ginger & Black Vinegar (N)/(S)

Slow Baked Beef Short Ribs 140 SAR

Szechwan Apple Sauce (S)

Wagyu Beef Tenderloin 350 SAR

Black Pepper Sauce (S) or Honey Garlic Sauce

Jelly Crab Dumpling 55 SAR

Alaskan Crab Meat, Prawns, Garlic, Carrots, XO Sauce

Steamed Saffron Lobster Dumpling 55 SAR

Prawns, Kenya Beans with Soy Chili Dip

Torch-Baked Wagyu Bun with Brown Butter Sauce 60 SAR

Spinach, Spring Onion & Carrot

Shui Jiao Spicy Prawn Dumpling 55 SAR

Served Steamed or Pan Fried (S)

Shui Jiao Angus Beef & Ginger Dumpling 55 SAR

Served Steamed or Pan Fried

Crispy Potato Dumpling 45 SAR

Fried Mashed Potato with Black Truffles & Mushroom (V)

Toki's Signature Spring Roll 55 SAR

Choice of:Vegetable & Mushroom (V), Chicken or Shrimp

Szechwan Hot & Sour Soup 55 SAR

with Chicken, Shrimp and Roasted Veal (S)

Sweet Corn Soup

Minced Chicken or Alaskan Crab Meat (G)

Braised Superior Lobster Broth 65 SAR

Lobster Meat & Chinese Cabbage (G)

Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup 65 SAR

Water Chestnut & Black Mushroom

Toki's Greens 55 SAR

Tomatoes, Cucumbers with Rice Vinegar Dressing (V)

Thai Beef Salad 80 SAR

with Green Papaya, Peanut & Avocado in Nam Pla Dressing (N)/(S)/(G)

Bang-Bang Chicken Salad 75 SAR

Cucumber, Tomato, Fried Vermicelli, Sesame Dressing (S)/(N)

Smoked Corn Chicken 75 SAR

with Miso Paste & Spring Onion

Fried Tiger Prawn with Spicy Mayo 80 SAR

with Cucumber Chili Salsa & Black Sesame (S)

Deep Fried Crispy Prawn with Creamy Butter Glaze 85 SAR

Curry Leaves & Pomegranate

Fried Calamari 70 SAR

Choice of: Spring Onion & Chili or Butter Chili & Curry Leaves (S)

Lettuce Wraps with Mixed Vegetables 75 SAR

Vegetables, Chicken, Seafood or Wagyu/ Cashew

Crispy Shrimp Balls 75 SAR

with Pickled Ginger Mayonnaise

Crispy Seaweed 50 SAR

with Crushed Cashew Nuts (N)/(G)

Oriental Satay with Peanut Sauce 75 SAR

Six Pieces Chicken, Beef or Mixed (S)/(N)

Wok-Fried Rock Lobster 195 SAR

Housemade Noodles in Black Bean Sauce

Atlantic Black Cod 195 SAR

Honey & Soy Baked

Wok-Fried Najel Filet 150 SAR

with Crispy Pecan Nuts & Lemon Pepper Sauce (S)/(N)

Singapore Spicy Chili Tiger Prawns 135 SAR

Water Chestnuts & Black Mushrooms (S)

Sauteed Canadian Scallops 135 SAR

with Broccoli, Cashew Nuts in Kung Po Chili Sauce (S)(N)

Yu Chan Prawns with Asparagus 135 SAR

Wok-Fried with Soya Bean Chili Sauce (S)

Thai King Prawns 135 SAR

Garlic, Basil & Oyster Sauce (S)

Prawn Sizzler 135 SAR

with Garlic Butter (G)

Wok-Fried Prawns 135 SAR

Oyster Sauce, Green Pepper, Black Bean or Ginger & Spring Onion

Crispy Angus Beef with Cashew Nuts 180 SAR

Szechwan Sweet & Spicy Sauce (S)/(N)

Sauteed Angus Beef in Black Bean Sauce 165 SAR

with Button Mushroom & Green Capsicum

Stir-Fry Angus Beef with Oyster Sauce 165 SAR

Baby Corn, Button Mushrooms & Broccoli

Wok-Fried Angus Beef in Korean Sauce 165 SAR

Asparagus, Pepper, Chili, Coriander (S)

Angus Beef Sizzler 165 SAR

with Pineapple & Mongolian Sauce (S)/(N)

Wok-Fried Sliced Australian Lamb 110 SAR

Black Bean or Lemongrass Chili (S)

Veal Escalope Sizzler 110 SAR

with Black Vinegar Sauce

Sauteed Chicken with Mustard Black Bean Sauce 110 SAR

Chili, Garlic & Bell Peppers (S)

Szechwan Crispy Chicken 100 SAR

Sweet & Spicy Sauce (S)

Sweet & Sour Chicken 100 SAR

with Pineapple & Capsicums

Wok-Fried Sliced Chicken with Toki's Special Curry 100 SAR

Aubergines & Tomato

Chicken Sizzler 100 SAR

with Black Bean Sauce

Sauteed Eggplant with Shiitake Mushroom 55 SAR

in Spicy Hoisin Sauce (S)/(V)

Four Treasure Vegetables in King Oyster Sauce 55 SAR

White Asparagus & Eggplant

Stir-Fry Mixed Vegetables 55 SAR

Broccoli, Baby Corn, Carrots & Chinese Cabbage (V)/(G)

Wok-Fried Broccoli in Sambal Chili Sauce 55 SAR

Ginger, Chili, Onion & Garlic (S)

Steamed Jasmine Rice 35 SAR

Garlic Fried Rice 35 SAR

Egg-Fried Rice with Vegetables 35 SAR

Carrot, Yellow Daikon, Green Peas & Asparagus (G)

Thai Fried Rice 35 SAR

Chicken, Shrimp, Sambal Chili (S)

Vegetable Fried Rice with Edamame 40 SAR

Carrot, Yellow Daikon, Peas & Asparagus (V)

Wok-Fried Noodles 40 SAR

Chicken or Mixed Vegetables (V)

Wok-Fried Beef Noodles 65 SAR

with Hoisin Sauce, Shiitake Mushroom & Mixed Vegetables

Singapore Fried Rice Noodles 65 SAR

with Shrimp, Roasted Veal & Chicken (S)

Seafood Fried Noodles 65 SAR

with Fresh Seafood, Shellfish and Vegetables

Iced Vanilla Cloud 50 SAR

Vanilla Espuma with Nitrogen & Crispy Biscuit (N)

Lychee Show 50 SAR

Iced Lychees, Rose Water Granite, Pandan Syrup (G)

Toki's Toffees with Vanilla Ice Cream 50 SAR

Apple, Banana, Pineapple or Lychee

Chocolate Moulleux 50 SAR

Warm Molten Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Cream (N)

Chocolate Melting Ball with Mango 50 SAR

Vanilla Ice Cream, Hot Dark Chocolate Sauce

Souffle of the Month 50 SAR

Served with Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce

Frozen Macadamia Souffle 50 SAR

with Chocolate Sauce, Vanilla Sorbet & Macadamia Nuts (G)

Toki's Ice Creams & Sorbets 50 SAR

Turkish Coffee 20 SAR

White Coffee 20 SAR





Imported Mineral Water


San Pelligrino


Pepsi 15 SAR

Budweiser Beer 20 SAR

Orange 25 SAR

Strawberry 25 SAR

Strawberry Mist 32 SAR

Fresh Strawberry, Lemon Juice, Mint

Berry Explosion 32 SAR

Blackberry, Blueberry, Fresh Lime, Fresh Mint, Brown Sugar & Perrier

Black Shanghai 35 SAR

Fresh Blackberry, Pineapple Juice, Fresh Lime & Vanilla Essence

Peartini 35 SAR

Fresh Pair, Cinnamon, Ginger Beer

Beijing Sling 32 SAR

Pomegranate Juice, Fresh Mint, Lime, Brown Sugar

Tai'chee 30 SAR

Lychee, Fresh Mint, Brown Sugar, Perrier

Cucumber Mint Cooler 30 SAR

Fresh Cucumber & Mint, Lemon Juice, Orange Juice

Toki's Saudi Cool 59 SAR

Orange, Lemon, Mint Leaves, Apple Cider

Mandarin Spritz 59 SAR

White Wine, Apple and Orange Slices , Fresh Ginger , 7-Up

Nirvana 35 SAR

Hibiscus, Rosechip, Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry

Golden Passion 35 SAR

Rose, Apricot, Passion Fruit

Darjeeling B.O.P 2nd Flush Black Tea 20 SAR

Yin Zhen Earl Grey Black Tea 20 SAR

Quatre Fruits Rouge 20 SAR

Aromas of Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry and Red Currant

AniChai Black Tea 20 SAR

Ginger, Cloves, Red Berries and Cardamom

Passion de Fleurs White Tea 20 SAR

Subtle Hints of Rose, Apricot and Passion Fruit

Pu-Erh Gourmand Dark Tea 20 SAR

Vanilla, Biscuit, Wood, Sweet Almond and a Hint of Heliotrope

Oolong Caramel Au Beurre Sale Dark Tea 20 SAR

Flavors of Caramel, Green and Candy Notes

Sencha Fukuyu Green Tea 20 SAR

Strong Vegetable Notes, Hints of Fruit with Slight Bitter Taste

Touareg Green Tea 20 SAR

Mint Leaves and Natural Mint Aromas

Mandarin Jasmine Green Tea 20 SAR

Full Bodied Green Tea with White Flowers

Chamomile Herbal Tea

Bright Yellow, Sweet, Herbal Pineapple

Rooibos Paul & Virginie

Raspberry, Red Currant, Wild Strawberry, Cherry, Vanilla, Toffee

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amazing atmosphere, great for special occasions

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